This Morning…

This sampler says exactly how I feel today… and the kind of mood it puts me in when I finally get a few moments to work on it…

Tp 1

(It's Mary Roe, by The Scarlett House, which is one of my favorites of Tanya's reproductions.)

I also took time to walk around outside this morning, and I love that the lilacs are waking up.. they are my very favorite part about the spring!

Tp 2

And something that made me laugh today was little Lady Martha, playing hide-and-seek. To see her pop up from behind the bed in the George and Martha Suite was so cute to me. (Because she knows she's not supposed to be in there!)

Tp 3

Lastly, I peeked into my Sophie's room, and felt very blessed to know I have three beautiful, God-given daughters.

Tp 4

The morning is almost behind me, so I should probably get busy preparing for the afternoon, and all the things there are to do today: preparing the shop newsletter for the next BYOF release, placing a print order, taking Martha to the lake for a walk, and doing laundry!

I hope you all have a lovely spring day today!


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