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Shepherd’s Bush

Well, by the time you read this I'll be out of town again! I just thought I'd pre-blog the photos from one of the most wonderful places on earth: Shepherd's Bush, in Ogden, Utah!

I didn't get a lot of different pictures this time because the shop was packed to the rafters with delighted customers, filling their arms with new stitching goodies, and I kept bumping into people and saying, "Oh! Excuse me!" So I thought that I'd best snap as many pictures as I could (which wasn't that many) before Tina or Teri had to call Cross Stitch Security on me.

I hope you enjoy this very mini tour! It's a shop that's brimming with something new and lovely and soft and happy in every nook imaginable. Being there makes you want to stop and stare for a few moments, and then  start joyously collecting new projects that you didn't know you needed.

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I had a fit over this "Wicked Plant" by Barbara Ana Designs, and will indeed be stitching it just like Shepherd's Bush has it.. and then sending it right off to Jill Rensel for that fabulous set of painted mats and moulding!

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After visiting the shop for all of about 22 minutes (I had a lot to do to to prepare for my first class), so I couldn't stay as long as I wanted to!), we whisked off to Jill Rensel's studio to see what stunning new pieces she had waiting to be picked up by their owners.

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Does anyone know the designer of the piece below? I think it's fabulous! (Sorry for the glare!)

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Jill had these sweet little ornaments she was giving away to visitors in the shop…

Sb tp 1-24

And here is Norma with one of Jill's sweet babies…

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It was such a delight visiting sweet Jill and Amber, but I don't have photos to share here because I just realized they're all on my phone! I was wondering where they'd all disappeared to..

I'll be back soon with pictures from the retreat at The Canyons, with some of the teachers' projects, the pincushion exchange, and the retreat boutique, which was literally a store-away-from-the-store, packed with loads of stitching treasures!

In the mean time, to those of you who attended, I hope you're enjoying all the projects you came home with! It was one of the best times ever, getting to visit with you all!

See you soon!




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