Homecoming for Sophie

All through the eighth grade, Sophie dreamed of the ninth grade: the new friends, the new teachers, the dances and football games, and that awesome feeling of finally arriving. The first day of school came, and she and her friend nervously walked up the long courtyard and into the front entrance, hauling their brand new backpacks and school supplies, probably trying really hard not to smile too broadly and risk looking uncool on their first day as freshman. (It was uncool enough that the moms were all waiting in their cars to see if their babies made it into the building, and didn't get bumped on the way by one of those huge upper classmen.)

In the few weeks since school has started, I've heard no less than 1,072 times these words: "I'm not in the mood for school today."

Ah, so the novelty wore off, and the new beginning was suddenly old routine.

Last weekend, however, the homecoming football game and dance finally made their appearance on the calendar, and all was well again. If Sophie had been dreaming happily of her first day of high school, then she was positively enraptured by her first homecoming dance.

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Checking the mirror…

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I can never resist a flower-sniffing photo that makes no sense whatsoever, given that these blooms have no fragrance, and I don't know of any 14-year-olds that will stop and smell the zinnias.

Tp 9

This is probably my very favorite picture of Sophie, because she had just gotten a text message from a boy, telling her that the homecoming dress selfie she posted looked pretty.

Tp 12

Her exact words, after reading the text, were "Awww!"

Tp 11

Soon it was time to go to her friend's house to pick her up (the girls were each other's "dates")…

Tp 13

…and then I drove them to the house where they would meet up with some of their other friends…

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Oh, to know what those girls were looking at! A text? A cute picture?

Tp 19

When I picked up the girls at precisely 11 pm, they were full of chatter about the evening. I asked if anyone had on the same dresses they did, and Sophie said that two other girls had on her dress, while her friend said "About forty-five girls had on mine!" (I love this age.)

Later on, I asked Sophie if the evening – from getting ready to coming home – was everything she thought it would be, and she said it was. And she was free to smile as broadly as she wanted to.

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  1. It is amazing to me how much she has grown up since I have been reading your blog….I have two girls now 33 and 28 and I loved this time in their lives (except dress shopping for the oldest one – one year we purchased and returned 5 dresses). Sophie is a beautiful young lady.

  2. I love the dress…..it is perfect for her! She is really beautiful! Pure beauty is hard to find and so glad you can share these times with your girls. Just her smile alone would melt anyone. Great job Paulette! And Mike too! Hope he is doing better these days!
    Have fun at SB! Wish I was going too.PAM IN Iowa ( with her little black book for stitching notes!)

  3. Sophie is gorgeous!!! She has grown up so much, and that dimple is adorable, she will melt hearts for sure!!!! Your pictures are awesome…..all your daughters are beautiful, must take after Mom, right???? lol

  4. Sophie has changed so much in the last few years. She has grown into a beautiful young lady. I loved her dress. It was very appropriate for her and very stylish–not too short, not too tight and her shoes were perfect for her dress.

  5. What a sweet girl. Love the dress…and the dimples. Adorable! :-). Sounds like she had a wonderful time, even if other girls were wearing the same dress…too cute. Reminds me of my distant past.

  6. Hi, your daughter is absolutely beautiful and is looking like she had so much fun at the dance. Oh, to be young again, I guess! My main reason for writing you is that I found your sampler on Pinterest about gingerbread and cranberry tea. Is it still available and, if so, could you let met know how I could buy the kit. Thanks so much..Happy Thursday..Judy

  7. I just can’t get over how she has grown into such a young lady. She is so gorgeous Paulette! I just smile when I see her. Love the picture of her and Tilly together.

  8. Paulette, all your girls are beautiful, but Sophie is really a little doll. She has grown up so much, right in front of our eyes! Enjoy every moment as they are grown and gone in a flash, as you well know. Thanks for sharing the pics! Oh yes, her dress was perfectly amazing! Just right! Linda in CO

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