New Releases!

What? Two posts in one day?

I apologize for not being able to update my blog more often; things around here have been non-stop go go go go go, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down one bit! For starters, Big Papa fell down outside and broke his leg in two places, requiring twelve screws and a metal plate in his driving leg, no less.

Guess what that means. Just guess. Yep, I'm now his chauffer! For three whole months! He's to put no weight on his foot for the entire summer, which is pretty hard for a very active fellow like him. (As I type this, he's playing a new video game to keep himself busy, so I'm typing to the sounds of dragons bellowing and swords clanging and his fingers deftly pressing controller buttons as quickly as he can. I never could understand that sort of hand-eye coordination, but he's definitely got it… until it comes to his crutches. Oh my, is that a sad, hobbly sight!)

I'm headed to Chicago tomorrow to Inspired Needle's workshop, the Inspired Summer Seminar, and I'm very excited! But it's a quick trip, and Mike will be in good hands with sweet Sophie. (Of course, he may want to get used to being served macaroni and cheese for three meals per day…)

My goodness, I'm quite chatty this evening! Okay, here's the real reason I'm posting again: I've got two releases headed out to my autos next week, and to the distributors the following week. Here's all the info you need for them, and if you'd like one or both, just contact your local or online shop owner!

Since my last release set was a pink theme, this one is red. 🙂 No, I don't usually have themes, but it's fun when I do!

First up is an antique reproduction/adaptation. I don't actually have a full photograph of the original antique, because I completely forgot to take one, but you can see part of it behind the model. The antique was stitched in 1837 by Ann Barson Loughbro, and it's done in spruce green and ivory and tan. However, I really wanted to change the color palette to something much different, and I truly hope Ann would have approved! Her verse is an outstanding one, and one that should be remembered:

Hark from the tomb a doleful sound,
my hear attend the cry.
Ye living men come view the ground
where you must shortly lie.
Princes, this clay must be your bed,
in spite of all your tow[e]rs:
The tall, the wise, the reverend head
must lie as low as ours.

Isn't that fabulous? And I love the ivory border all around the sampler itself.

Ann Barson Loughbro preview

Ann Barson Loughbro 1837

Stitch count: 203w x 236h

The model was stitched on: 40 ct. Vintage Examplar by Lakeside Linens

All cross stitch, except for a few backstitches in the lettering.

Threads used for the MODEL VERSION:

Classic Colorworks in Manor Red, Barn Door, Zach Black, Ye Olde Gold, 12 Grain (2 skeins suggested), Old Oak Tree, Hickory Sticks, and Stepping Stones.

The Gentle Art in Piney Woods.

Threads used for the ANTIQUE VERSION:

Classic Colorworks in Brandied Pears, Old Blue Jeans, Onion Skin, 12 Grain (2 skeins suggested), Whatley Woodlands, Hickory Sticks, and River Rocks.

The Gentle Art in Blue Spruce (this color is used for 2 different symbols in the chart.)

The model was stitched by Rindy Richards, and the frame was done by Sherri Berkman of Total Framing, in Fairfax, Virginia!

Next up: A class piece for the Tudor Rose Sampler Guild in Dallas, Texas. This was originally released in the spring of 2013. What a fun time that was with all the Tudor Rose ladies (and gentleman!) ..

Crowned Bird preview

Crowned Bird Sampler

Stitch count: 273w x 270h

The model was stitched on: 36 ct. Vintage Meadow Rue by Lakeside Linens

All cross stitch throughout.

Threads used:

Classic Colorworks Silk in Angel Blush, Icing, Tumbleweed, Scarecrow, Sister Scarlet, and Weathered Vine.

Needlepoint Inc. silk in 967, 124, 588, 928, and 256.

The model stitcher for this sampler was Sharon Schutjer.

And that's it! I hope you like the new/newish patterns, and that your summer is going beautifully! When I'm not driving Mike to doctor appointments and board game tournaments, I've been out in my yard trying to get back in touch with the gardening I used to love. It's been a long time since I've planted flowers, and I'm thoroughly enjoying their return to my porch.

I'll talk to you soon!




14 Replies to “New Releases!”

  1. Oh, my, way to goMike! A broken leg I two places! A co worker just came back to work this week…spiral break. To her leg. She’s finally got a boot on it to help her get around!
    Have fun in Chicago!!!

  2. Hope your hubby heals well & have a great time! It looks patriotic what you will be teaching in class & that is right up my alley! Wish I could be there! I am so looking forward to “The Crowned Bird” since last year & can’t wait to receive it!!! Keep up the good work!;-)

  3. Oh no Big Papa! Hope the leg heals quickly and that Mike doesn’t drive you crazy Paulette!
    Yay for the new releases! I’ve waited very patiently for the Crowned Bird. 🙂
    Have fun in Chicago!

  4. So sorry to hear about Mike’s injury. I’m sure Sophie will do just fine filling in for you while you’re away. But does this mean he will be trapped in the house the whole time you’re gone?? That might be a problem! Maybe some drugs to knock him out until you return??!
    I was so excited to see your new releases!! I have waited a long time for Crowned Bird’s release and I think I will have to start it as soon as it’s in my hot little hands!! Please disregard the huge pile of WIPs I have languishing in the corner. LOL!! Laura

  5. So sorry about your husband’s injury! You better buckle-up this will be a looong ride for you!!!! The designs are great as usual please tell me I won’t have to wait a year for the new “Liberty Inn” I just can’t wait to start stitching this one. Please let everyone know maybe before you leave the status of “Liberty Inn” Have a fun and safe trip. Debbie

  6. How awful… a broken leg! I broke my ankle (twice) and that was no fun, but his injury sounds much worse. So sorry that happened.
    Love the new samplers and as always will be looking for turbo needles to stitch all the new stuff you are coming up with (esp. this last year! wow!) Thanks for a lovely new project to look forward to!

  7. Oh wow, you really do have a lot going on around there! Tell Mike I’m so sorry to hear of his injury. I feel for him as I am home recovering from my hip replacement. No driving for me for at least 8 weeks so my hubby is the chauffeur here. At least I am able to put full weight on my leg.
    I suspect you might actually have been looking forward to getting away for a day or two, lol!
    I’m looking forward to your new releases. The Pink House Sampler is winging its way to me as I write and I know the Crowned Bird will be next!

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