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I'd like to take a moment to thank every single member of our Armed Forces for their service to this beautiful country of ours. You have served and sacrificed, and to simply offer my gratitude for what you've given to protect what I have will never be enough, but I give it with all my heart.

Thank you to our Founding Fathers and to Those who served under them for their faith in God Almighty.

Thank you to Those who gave their lives for the freedom of their generations and ours.

And thank you to Those who would have given their lives. Praise God They are still here for us to honor.

I was privileged to visit Arlington National Cemetery last fall, and what an impact it had on me. I wish every American could walk those solemn grounds and remember what was given.

Arlington tp

Arlington tp-2

Arlington tp-4

Arlington tp-7

At the tomb of President John F. Kennedy…

Arlington tp-8

A view of Arlington House, the home of Robert E. Lee…

Arlington tp-9

This is the view from the porch of Arlington House…

Arlington tp-15

Arlington tp-17

Arlington tp-20

Inside Selena Gray's quarters (a house slave of of the Lee's). The doorway to her family's quarters is to the far right of the above photo.


Arlington tp-18

Arlington tp-19

The gardens at Arlington House were beautiful…

Arlington tp-21

Arlington tp-22

The Tomb for the Unknown Civil War Dead, constructed in the rose garden…

Arlington tp-13

Arlington tp-12

Arlington tp-11

 The US Army rehearsed for a forthcoming funeral…

Arlington tp-23

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier…Known but to God.

Arlington tp-24

Arlington tp-25

Arlington tp-6

Arlington tp-26

To our Military and their families, God bless you.


If you would like to read a very interesting article on how Arlington came to be our National Cemetery, click here: The Beginnings of Arlington National Cemetery


 In 2011 I posted this free chart for Memorial Day. In case you missed it, here it is again… Please note that the color image you see below is slightly different from the chart, in that the words have been changed to blue. 

To download the chart, click here: A Patriot's Sampler

A Patriot's Sampler 2

And a very Happy Memorial Day to you!


  • Debby

    Thank you for this tour of Arlington. I’ve not been there yet, but will make it one day. I have been to the cemetery for the Confederacy in Richmond. That is another fascinating place to visit and another reminder of the cost our soldiers paid for this country.

  • Brenda Wilson

    Thank you for your post on this Memorial Day and I really enjoyed your pictures you posted today. I am a military wife and we are sooo proud to serve this wonderful country. I too have posted some special pictures for today as well.

  • LaNelle

    Paulette, so enjoyed your pictures it made me remember my trip that was one of the best I’ve taken certainly wish everyone could see it truly takes your breath away…we have much to be grateful for. Blessing….

  • Sherri Berkman

    I was privileged enough to serve in the Army for five years at Ft. Myer in the Old Guard. The traditions that all of the soldiers there preserve are so amazing. What an honor it was to be a part of that tradition.

  • Maureen

    Thank you for your lovely pictures of Arlington Cemetery. I visited it a long time ago so it was nice to see it again. Thank you for posting your sampler. I did miss that the first time around and I look forward to stitching it.

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