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The First Club Kit

Many of you are starting to receive your first kits for A Colonial Gathering, and I'm very hopeful that you're pleased! It's very nerve-wracking to try to come up with something that one hopes club members will like, but let me assure you that the next shipment (which is Tanya's design) is going to knock your colonial knickers off. Oh my goodness, I can hardly wait!

In the mean time, there is still room for a few more sign-ups, if you've decided to give the club a try. I hope you'll join in the fun! This is what the first kit looks like:


A Colonial Candle Pocket

Included in your kit is everything to create the pocket (including
the rusty pins), as well as a tutorial with images for doing so.

(To join, visit www.dyeing2stitch.com or call 757-366-8740.)

Like I mentioned above, Tanya's kit will come out next, then another one by me, and then a second one by Tanya. The final kit for the club, shipping in the fall, will be a collaboration between Tanya and I, and I'm excited to get to work on it!

I hope you all are having an exciting week so far! I'm busy getting things in order for market, and I just started on a new model. Egads – me, stitching my own model? I'm afraid so.. it seems I've chosen to use colors I don't normally use, so I've got to work on the model myself to see how they work together. 🙂 It's a little on the larger side, so I'm planning a spring or summer release.

Enjoy your day! And thank you for stopping by!


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