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Winter Sampler Exchange 2013

Finally! I just got around to uploading the photos I took all the way back in late November from the annual sampler exchange Mom and I do. Things were a little more hurried this year than in years past.. we pretty much blew past and tossed each other our samplers in jubilant exchange before I was back in the car, hurrying back to Plum Street in Cruella DeVille-esque mode. It was a very busy season for both of us.

Last year we didn't open our boxes from Jill until we were together, but when I called Mom to see if she had time for me to run over, she said, "Yes! Hurry! I can't wait for you to see your piece!!! Jill did an outstanding job!!"

"Wait. You opened the box?" I asked.


"Yes!" She gleefully replied. "I couldn't stand to wait another minute!"


So after I hung up, I went ahead and opened the box from Jill, wrapped it in some sort of pretend wrapping paper, and headed over to Chez Mom.

We both agreed to scale back this year on what we were stitching for each other because of time constraints. (That was her idea, so I went ahead and tossed the almost-finished Ann Medd Sampler I had been stitching for her for several months and opted for something much smaller.)

(I'm only kidding.)

Getting our picture proved to be very tough because we both kept laughing at how awful they were turning out. As soon as I'd get one that I'd think was passable, she'd see it and exclaim, "My hair! Oh no, my hair! What happened??"

And that's when I'd look at the photo again, and notice suddenly that I'd forgotten to do anything with my hair.

For now, I'll bypass showing our photo, and just get straight to the point: what we stitched for each other.

I was so thrilled with what my mom chose to do for me, especially because it's one I had never seen before! I love love love it! Thank you again, Mom. ๐Ÿ™‚ It's perfect!

IMG_9139 tp

My mom found out from The Primitive Hare that this isn't an exact reproduction, but rather several parts of different antiques, all brought together to form this beautiful sampler. It's wonderful, and I love the soft browns and blues, which Jill brought out beautifully in the moulding!

Here is what I did for Mom:


This is a chart that is no longer in print, but if you do happen to have the chart, you'll notice I left off the "Elizabeth Whipp" portion from the top, and stitched my initials instead. I chose it for Mom because I just felt like it was so her, especially with the deer motif in the center. And again, Jill's taste in frames is outstanding. I couldn't be happier with it!

As for our photo together, we settled on one that we thought was decent enough…


…It was Mom who realized the glaring problem. (I was still marveling at our hair.)

So we hurriedly turned our samplers around before the timer on the camera clicked off, and called it good.


 I hope if ayone else out there exchanged stitched pieces with someone, you had just as much fun as we did, even if we did manage to get the whole event done in 7 1/2 minutes! We've decided that for next year, we'll have a theme: Christmas! And I think I've already got Mom's chosen… ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Wendy TC

    What fun! And a beautiful mother/daughter tradition. I hope I can start a similar tradition with my daughter, who just recently got interested in doing all the crafting I do.

  • Linda

    Always love seeing this post, Paulette. As always, the samplers are beautiful. BTW, I think you both look great!!!

  • Giovanna

    You’ve both made outstanding choices and stitched beautifully – congrats to both, and look forward to seeing what you turn up with next year.

  • marielle

    What a lovely tradition. You can be very proud of you both. Yours Samplers are so so beautiful , the frames also. Congratulations to you both โ™ฅโ™ฅMarielle from France

  • LaNelle

    Amazing! Beautiful work would love to have them hanging in my home, what a wonderful tradition you have. Thanks for sharing you look lovely! Looking forward to next year……

  • Anna

    This tradition is so sweet! I love the illustrations of the early part of your story, but the samplers are so gorgeous, I hardly noticed that you had hair. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Margaret

    ROTFL! You two are so funny! Glaring problem. lol! Anyway, I love both pieces, love the framing, love seeing you two together! Such fun!

  • joanntx

    love, love, love both designes you chose
    to stitch for each other. and the frames are
    great! have been waiting to see this post!

  • JaneSC

    Love them both. Now if you ever decide to give up designing (which I hope you never ever do) I think you should go into storytelling. I loved it.

  • Valerie

    OMGosh, hysterical! Love the designs you both chose and the job Jill did on the framing. I look forward to seeing your exchange each year. It’s such a fun lead up into the story. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • stitching sis.

    thanks for the post… love love love your sense of humor, and the retro movie pics are worth the wait… you two are a couple of cut ups that could give carol burnett and co. a run for their money, smiles and an ear tug back at ya.

  • Theresa

    You had so many new releases last year, I am surprised you got any stitching done at all! 2013 must have been the ‘year of the sampler’ for you!
    and both of you look lovely : ) (the stitching looks great, too!)

  • Lynn Jones

    This is such an awesome tradition and I don’t think you realize just how much fun we all have waiting to see the results! Both designs are gorgeous and Jill’s work is second to none. Someday I hope to have her frame one of my works.
    My tastes are very much like your mom’s so I love that deer.
    Thanks for sharing this with us all once more. BTW, you both look fabulous!

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