Yesterday I took down the tree and all the decorations around the house, although I really didn't want to. I feel like December snuck up on me, and I had very little time to enjoy it and take it all in! I'm just happy I started watching Christmas movies in November while I worked on charts (even watched Elf back-to-back three times, and Holiday Inn twice!).

And now everything (except for the stirring creatures) is packed away until next year..



This marshmallow jar was curiously fuller a few days ago…



This is an old Prairie Schoole I stitched back in the early 90's (Santa's Ark, I believe it's called?)…


My reproduction antique candy dish (Santa's top half comes off to reveal a small "bowl" for candy in the bottom half)… I love his wreath, btw, since I'm a sucker for bottle-brush!


Every year Sophie loves to set up the Boyds Bears nativity, given to me by a friend before Sophie was even born. This year, when I opened the box, I found a note she'd scribbled on a sheet of paper last year, laying on top of the figures: "THIS GOES IN SOPHIE'S FUTURE HOUSE," the note read. Clearly, she doens't trust me to remember it in my will.



Another Santa, this one with a barn owl on his shoulder…


I moved out lots of stuff from the china cabinet so that Mike could put his Lego advent calendar figures and village inside…


It's the only way to keep them safe from Tilly-Roux and her pesky little brother…


(My goodness, that little fella carries a lot of dust around on his face!)

I love vintage mercury glass ornaments, even if they're not really vintage!




I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas season! So many of you have asked about the winter sampler exchange Mom and I do, and I've been wanting to show you the few pictures we took, but just haven't gotten around to uploading them yet to my computer. I will soon though! As usual, it was so much fun fun fun, and I can't wait to do it again next year!

Happy New Year, everyone!



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