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Cinnamon Stars

This is releasing as soon as your shops get them! 🙂 The shops on my auto should have them on Tuesday (because Monday is a no-mail day – God bless our veterens!), and distributors will have them later in the week.

Cinnamon Stars tp-1

Cinnamon Stars

Stitch count: 168 x 100

Fabric used: 35 ct. Chamomile Tea by R&R Reproductions
(This fabric is a wonderful neutral color.)

Threads used:

The Gentle Art in Mulberry, Raven, Cinnamon, Brandy,
Wood Rose, Walnut, Wheat Fields, Piney Woods, Gold Leaf,Srsaparilla,
Fudge Ripple, and Wood Trail.

Weeks Dye Works in Tiger's Eye, Sage, Galvanized, Chrysanthemum,
Molasses, Copper, Straw, and Rum Raisin.

Please note:
Although I do have Weeks Dye Works listed in the color key and in the suppliers information, the
top row of the key simply says "Gentle Art." This was an oversight, and I apologize for any
confusion. However, it is clear in the key's remaining rows which brand of fibers you'll need.

All stitches are full crosses using 1 strand of cotton over 2 linen threads.

The model stitching was done by these sweet ladies: Prudence Goodspeed and Sharon Schutjer.
(Thank you so much for your speedy stitching!)

The fabulous frame was, once again, done by Sherri Berkman at Total Framing in Fairfax, Virginia.
(Sherri, you're amazing!)

As I was walking the cat yesterday in the back yard (yes, they do make fun little cat harnesses that will make you howl with laughter as your cat gets used to it), I noticed all the beautiful red and orange leaves were already blown off of our maple tree. It made me really sad that one never knows how quickly the seasons will pass, regardless of what the calendar says.

Having said that, I'm trying not to rush this season of thanksgiving… department stores are always ready to usher in the next holiday – especially Christmas! So unless you're giving stitched gifts or having an ornament-fest, settle in with a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy all those scrumptious browns and golds and reds of the this glorious season. Even if your trees are already naked and freezing.


(This was our maple back in 2011, from my Focus on Today blog.)


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