After the Retreat…

I never showed you the photos of what we did after the retreat was over!

Pat and Ann, Norma and Sybil, and Jeanette and I headed into Washington, D.C., and despite the government closings of many of the places we were hoping to see, we had a fantastic time. (Except for the part where I desperately needed to find a public restroom, and after what seemed like hours of searching, finally found one… only to be greeted with the same sign we'd encountered too many times that day: Due to Government Shutdown, this facility is closed." Bah!)

The first place we visited was the National Cathedral. What a breathtaking structure it is!

Cathedral tp-2

One can't fathom all of the details; even the spires are covered in acorns. Hundreds of them!

Cathedral tp-1

And the downspouts were fish…

Cathedral tp-3

Even the street signs in front of the building have gorgeous accents…

Cathedral tp-4

There are over 200 stained glass windows…

Cathedral tp-8

Cathedral tp-5

Cathedral tp-7

Cathedral tp-13

The needlepoint kneelers were so beautiful, each one different…

Cathedral tp-12

I love this picture; everyone would become mesmerized when they caught sight of the incredible detailing over this particular entryway….

Cathedral tp-11

My camera settings were way off, but at least you can see one of the little bird creatures that everyone was staring at in the photo above…

Cathedral tp-9

Cathedral tp-10

Cathedral tp-14

On our way out, I noticed that every single column had a different animal etched into it. And of course, this one was my favorite:

Cathedral tp-15

If you'd like to learn more about the Washington National Cathedral (officially called the Cathedral Church of St. Peter and St. Paul), visit here: Washington National Cathedral.

I'll be back with more photos soon, so if you'd like to see what else we did, come back! Jeanette Douglas also has a fun synopsis of our week after the retreat, so check out her blog too!


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