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October Goodies

Before the busy weekend descends upon us all, I have to show you a few things that are just too cute to not share!

First, look at these darling new Needleminders from Kelmscott Designs… this one is a miniature version of the Owl Scissors, and although in the photo I've got it resting on a Jeanette Douglas Quaker Pincushion, you would normally attach it with its magnet to your current stitching project, so your needle doesn't go missing.


Secondly, take a look at the tiny Steweb Needleminder! Isn't it cutest thing? You can see the Steweb Scissors laying in the background, to compare the sizes…


What a fabulous way to store your needle! They lay so nice and flat on the fabric, and I just love them!

And lastly, I am so in love with Bre's newest release.. she loved Halloween as a kid, and it definitely shows in her two new Etsy releases.

Photo 2(3)

I'm so bummed that Bre lives so far away from me, because I used to be able to swipe her models and display them in my house. heehee…. I do still have all of the models to her older patterns though (which I'm hoping she'll eventually add to her Etsy shop). The two that are there now are available for instant download, so if you'd like to order them (this one is only $3.99!), here is the link to her shop: Hodgepodge Cottage1.

(Am I being terribly obvious that I'm very proud of her, so I'm trying to plug her new creations and probably embarrassing her to death?)

I'm off to hurry and clean the house before my Sabrina arrives home.. she's coming back for the evening so that we can have our annual Chills and Chili night at my parents' house. We normally watch an old black-and-white movie and eat chili and whatever else we conjure up, but tonight we're going to drag my mother into the 21st century and make her watch World War Z. 

Have a wonderful weekend, and I'll see you here on Sunday for the next installment of the Sunday Mystery Sampler!


  • sew~amy

    Those are the cutest needle minders! and… the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… what talent your daughter has. My daughter messaged me(she’s away at college) and told me I HAD to watch WWZ. LOL , I do love an ‘end of the world’ kind of movie though.

  • Betty

    Love the needle minders, am adding to my shopping list. Great colors in Bre’s newest designs. Mom (I love your Mom) will love the movie, because she will be with those she loves!

  • Tammy

    Looks like some cute things to stitch. By the way, where did the frame pictured come from? Looks very pretty with the leaves? Just got World War Z but not sure if I can watch it but I know my son might:-)

  • Linda

    Love your daughter’s new design! I especially like that it is Halloween with a little “softer side” to it. Will be ordering this one soon. She is extremely talented and I’m sure you are all so proud.

  • Sharon

    Bre’s new designs are great! I especially love the owls. Kelmscott’s new needle minders are adorable as if I need another one-oh well, you only live once! Have fun at your mom’s.

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