Are we ready yet?





As I was saying on Facebook, here are a few answers to some of the emails I've received this week:

1. Anyone can participate, no matter where you are, as long as you have internet service. There is no need to sign up for anything – just grab your supplies and join in!

2. The colors I listed originally will work for both Mary's Sampler I and II, but if you're going ot use black linen, I suggest following the substitutions I posted or coming up with something of your own choosing, as the original colors may not show up well on the black fabric.

3. Sections for both Mary's Sampler I and II will be posted each week. Although they look identical, their placement is different, so print out the chart you want to follow. Both charts will remain on the blog for as long as my blog exists, and will not be published for sale.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. I’m excited to begin! In my stash I found the exact fabric needed – 36 ct Vintage Examplar. It has just been waiting for the perfect project. And this is it!
    By the way, did I tell you a hundred times how much I love your blog?!

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