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Sugar High.

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I'm heading back to Colorado tomorrow, but this time to visit Bre and attend a concert at Red Rocks! But before I go, I wanted to share a recipe with you that will leave you thinking you just downed 3 of those 5-Hour Energy drinks they sell at the grocery stores… The recipe is for Butterfinger Blondies, and you can find it over on my sorely-neglected food blog, Four Seasons Cafe.

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I'll see you soon!


  • Anja

    Paulette, have a nice time with your daughter!
    Yesterday I made a day trip to Hannover to visit my eldest daughter. Ohhh, again we had a fantastic time, doing some shopping, having lunch and later a sweet cake in a sweet café.
    I left the boys at home (the big and the small boy), bought them a fish and told them what to do with it, and it worked.
    In two weeks, the summer holidays in the North of Germany will end. This year, the children had a lot of fun, because the weather was hot, a real summer.
    Happy days for you and all of your Family.
    Deine Anja

  • Susan Cavanaugh

    I’m so jealous that you are going to Red Rocks. There is no better place for a concert. The same formations from your Garden of The Gods pix from the retreat. Combine the music, the stars, and the lights coming up from the city and it will be a experience you won’t forget. Enjoy,
    Susan C

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