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What a lovely time I had in Dallas! I can't express well enough how warm and welcoming the ladies and gentleman of the Tudor Rose Sampler Guild were. I found myself wishing I could come to every one of their meetings, just to spend more time with them all.

When Ann Weissler (and my dear friend Michelle, who was my gracious chauffeur for the day!) invited me to present a workshop to their guild, I was thrilled to be asked, and set to work designing a sampler and two coordinating accessories that I hoped everyone would like. The name of the sampler is called Crowned Bird Sampler, and model stitcher Sharon Schutjer did an amazing job on it, returning it to me in a very short amount of time, given the density of it. (And her stitches are perfect! Thank you, Sharon!)

Crowned Bird Sampler tp



I designed it to be stitched with Belle Soie and Needlepoint Inc. silks, and I chose Lakeside Linens' Vintage Meadow Rue in 36 ct. for the fabric. (The pattern will probably not be released until next summer or fall.)

And here are the accessories…the first is called A Miniature Sewing Tray and the second is called A Berry for your Scissors:

TRSG email-13

And here are some of the guild members, working hard on their pieces:

TRSG tp-1

I say "some" of the guild members because I couldn't fit the entire room into my camera! We had a full house, and it was a lot of fun.


TRSG tp-4

TRSG tp-2

This is part of a trunk show I brought, with the workshop sampler set up as well…

TRSG tp-3

After the class, we all headed to a fantastic restaurant called Via ReΓ‘l. If you're ever in the Los Colinas area, be sure and check it out. It's beautiful, the service is excellent, and the food was outstanding! (Thank you, Ava, for organizing our dinner and making all the reservations!)

I am so happy I was invited to spend the day with all of you. What a joy it was to have gotten to meet you and chat with you and just spend the day doing what we all love to do. πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for making it such a fun day for me! I sure hope it was fun for you too.

(My sister met us all for dinner that evening, and then I went home to her place to spend a few days with my family. What a great trip all around!)

P.S. Thank you again, Michelle, for working late the night before and getting up early to pick me up so far from your house! You're such a sweetheart. πŸ™‚


  • Michelle

    My sweet friend, I was thrilled to be able to have you all to myself for our little drive!!! The pieces you designed for us are amazing and will be such a joy to stitch. Thank you again for everything – your friendship, your visit, your talent and above all else, just being your wonderful self!

  • Lori Jennings

    The piece you designed for our guild is GORGEOUS! I look forward to stitching it. Meeting you in person was a thrill – you are so much fun. Come back and visit us anytime :).

  • Sharon

    Paulette, that is a stunning design! I am sad, I have to wait a year to get it, but so happy to know that it will be released. Sounds like your trip was wonderful! The Tudor Rose Sampler Guild are some lucky ladies.

  • Cathryn

    Paulette, thank you so much for your generous nature in always sharing your trips. As one who is homebound, I so enjoy seeing and hearing about your trips. πŸ™‚ Another success for you. The chart you designed for them is awesome. Cathryn

  • Kerri in Houston

    Thanks for a fabulous class. I am almost done with my stitching tray and can’t wait to start on this wonderful sampler.
    I really enjoyed seeing the models up close. The pictures don’t show how beautiful they really are. It was such a pleasure to meet you! You are as warm and wonderful in person as you are here.
    PS – if you ever want to go to the Houston Quilt Market I would be happy to be your guide!

  • Debra

    The pieces are absolutely beautiful! Cannot wait for them to come out for the rest of us πŸ™‚

  • Margaret

    Oh I love the projects!! Gorgeous! Glad it was a good time — looks like a great group!

  • Kristen from MA

    Glad you had a great time, Paulette. I’l be waiting patiently for this chart. πŸ™‚

  • Linda

    Beautiful pieces Paulette! I am sure the guild was delighted to meet you. It was always such fun as a stitcher to meet a designer in person; it gives such another dimension to the pieces we stitch.
    Wonderful for you to visit with part of your family as well!
    It seems like a long wait for specially designed pieces to be available to “the public”, but I understand that a retreat or class has a right to that particular design for a certain time frame.

  • Dona

    Paulette, the package you created for their guild is beautiful! I love everything on your sampler, too. Birds with crowns are one of my favorite things.
    It looks like everyone had a nice time. Wish I had been there!

  • Willeke

    What a lovely sampler. The text is a wish of my heart.
    I love the american way of designing samplers. I hope to make a sampler likes this myself one day.
    What a great group of people were there. And lovely to see a man in the group. Although he is looking as if he thinks… how am I going to fix this…
    Thanx for sharing all the lovely pictures on your blog.
    Nice greetings,
    from the Netherlands

  • Jen

    Oh, that is a gorgeous sampler!!!! I love the sheep and dogs of course plus the crowned bird, fashionably dressed couple and their house with those great windows!! Once again a home run Paulette!!!

  • Lynn Jones

    I’m so glad you enjoyed your time away at the TRSG. The sampler which you designed for them is amazing!!
    I’m in love already and will have to patiently bide my time until its release next year.
    PS. Viktor & Irina is almost complete and I’m enjoying it so much!

  • MartyG

    These are so adorable. I love the mini stitching tray and strawberry. I don’t know if I can wait a year for the pattern. :-). Glad you had a great time.

  • Natalia Canaday

    Oh Paulette, what a gorgeous sampler. I am going to be counting the days until you release the chart. This is a must for me as are all of your designs !!! So happy you enjoyed the Tudor Rose retreat. I was part of this guild when I lived in TX and I recognize some of the faces. I truly can’t wait to see you here at our Sampler Guild of The Rockies retreat !!!!

  • Elisabetta

    Wonderful experience, you know here in Italy there aren’t retreats or something like this nothing to meet other stitchers…only few
    exhibition and you know I like your small Crowned Bird Sampler!!!!