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Any time a song comes on the radio (or pops into Sophie's head), Sophie and I usually start singing to it together. She will belt out the lead to any song, and I usually take on a background singer's role, which seems to work well for us.

It doesn't, however, work as well for others in the house; on a recent visit home, Bre finally had to ask, "Do you two always break out in song?"

Why yes, we do. And usually for no good reason other than to pretend we're famous singers.


You should see us when we break out in dance.

ETA: The song is by Bruno Mars, and these are the lyrics:

I shoulda brought you flowers,
and held your hand.
Shoulda gave you all my hours
when I had the chance.
Take you to every party cuz all you
wanted to do was dance.
Now my baby's dancin',
Now she's dancin' with another man.


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