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All Downhill.

Just before Christmas, my niece asked if she could have a sleepover at our house while she was visiting her Meemee and Pops. Of course, I said yes because we hadn't seen Natalie in a year, and Sophie was quite excited to have her little cousin over.

On the night's agenda was coloring, watching a movie, eating junk food, and sledding, which Natalie was especially excited to try out. She doesn't see a whole lot of snow in her home state of Texas, after all.

Sledding tp-1

Sledding tp-2

Sledding tp-3

Sledding tp-4

Natalie adores her Uncle Mike.

Sledding tp-5

After covering themselves in Lisa Frank stickers and then playing Candy Land with Mike (he's grooming Natalie to be a board gamer like himself), everyone got bundled up to head outside in the freezing, dark night and drive to the hill at a nearby school. I normally don't go for playing out-of-doors these days, but I did agree to go along and take a few photos.

Sledding tp-6

Her squeals were so cute!

Sledding tp-7

I have no clue how these two managed to get down the hill this way, but they did…

Sledding tp-9

Sledding tp-8

Sledding tp-12

Sledding tp-10

This was just a second before Sophie took a hard spill on the little snowboard we brought along…

Sledding tp-16

But she survived okay.

Sledding tp-15

When I was a kid, sledding was my very favorite thing to do when there was snow on the ground… I'd walk to the big hill where all the neighbor kids would gather, and we'd use flattened cardboard boxes to slide down on. They were very slippery, and it was exhilarating to go as fast as we could. When I recalled this fond childhood memory, I decided to hop on board one of the sleds and give it a whirl for old times' sake. This is how I pictured myself looking as I glided down that beautiful, snow-blanketed hill…


But when I was looking through my camera, I realized with a sudden jolt that those carefree, cute days of my youth were gone… oh, so very gone.

Sledding tp-13

Live your childhood, young Natalie. For soon it shall pass, and ogredom will greet you.

After sledding and hot chocolate, it was time for bed for the cousins. I allowed them to bring popcorn and reindeer eyes to the room with them, and they watched a DVD.

Sledding tp-17

Sledding tp-18

It was such a fun sleepover! And despite all the junk food, the girls slept soundly until late the following morning. 🙂

Sledding tp-11

I'll be back tomorrow with a picture of my new release. Enjoy your day!


  • Leslie

    Loved your pictures of Sophie and your niece. Looks like a fun time was had by all! We love the snow, but don’t get much of it here in Maryland. We would love a good snow storm this winter!

  • Linda

    Loved the pictures – they all are so cute – including Uncle Mike!! They all look like they are having so much fun…
    Cannot WAIT to see your new release! I’m presently stitching Eliza Scattergood!!
    Linda in VA

  • Kerri

    Growing up in NJ I have lots of memories of snow days and sledding down the hill by my house. Wouldn’t dare do it now, might break a hip you know!
    Can’t wait for a new release. Just kitted up the mermaid Halloween ornament to take to work with me.

  • Siobhan

    Awww, how fun! I know Natalie will love the memories of sledding but more especially the time with her cousin and aunt & uncle. 🙂 LOL at your sledding commentary! We used to LOVE sledding when we were kids, though usually we went on the big hill on one of the main roads in our neighborhood. I don’t think I fancy my chances at sledding now!!

  • connie adrian

    I so feel your pain Paulette!! I want to stop the young, skinny, awesome girls and young women I see and say “ENJOY IT!! It doesn’t last forever!!” LOL!!
    I remember fondly sleep overs with cousins, visiting out of state relatives for the holidays and how fun it was to be some where different to celebrate. My out of state Aunts and Uncles treated me like royalty and I felt so special(hard to do when you have four brothers and sisters!)Love the picture of you coming down the hill…if I close one eye and squint you look just like the lady on the toboggan!! Cute pictures….and Mike’s Mike and enough said!!
    Happy New Year!!

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