Stranded Jacks

It's almost time for The Needlework Show to open, and I almost didn't have my release ready in time, with how busy it's been around here. I have no idea what was going on in my mind when I decided to do a Sea Halloween theme, but here goes…

These are a collection of Halloween ornaments, finished onto little black miniature hornbooks, available from Kelmscott Designs:

Jacks tp-2

And here they are, hanging on my wire tree (along with some of my favorite ornaments from Blackbird Designs, as well as the one I submitted to Just Cross Stitch this year)…

SJ tp-61

SJ tp-63

SJ tp-64

SJ tp-66

SJ tp-67

SJ tp-62

If you decide you'd like to purchase the pattern, have your shop owner log into the Needlework Show and click on the Kelmscott Designs booth. I hope you have fun stitching them!

Happy Halloween!

ETA: The pattern is charted so that they can also be stitched in a single row, rather than as individual ornaments.

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  1. Love these! Where I live we are surrounded by many waterways. The Chesapeake Bay is in view every day on my way to and from work and we are a couple of hours from the ocean. – Leslie

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