Shepherd’s Retreat, Part 2

Goodness, I've been going crazy around here trying to get ready for my October release! My "to do" pile is larger than life, so forgive me for taking so long to post the next set of photos. 🙁

Teri and Tina chose the most gorgeous place for the retreat! We stayed at The Canyons in the Rocky Mountains, and between the beautiful lodgings and the Aspens turning their coats for fall, it was truly heavenly. 

Canyons tp

SB tp-3-2

This was my room (I had the upstairs loft, with my own fireplace, sitting room, and two bathrooms)…

SB tp-2-2

Here was the kitchen…

SB tp-1-3

And this was the view from my balcony. Every morning the moon would sit right on the edge of one of those mountain peaks, looking as if it was ready to roll right down…

SB tp-4-2

After we were checked in and settled, we were on our own for dinner and then that night we returned to the ball room for a really fun project called The Great Cookie Swap. We made the most fabulous little ornaments from felted wool, and I can't wait to hang them on my tree this year.

The next evening we got to take a class with Cece Strickland of Threadgatherers. She taught us how to make a darling little wool booklet for our stitching supplies, and we learned a stitch that was new to me: the boullion stitch. (Mine looked more like the bull-kaka stitch.)

And what a sweet surprise this was: a gluten-free dessert, before the start of the class!

GF dessert tp

Also attending the class was Linda of Chessie and Me, Jeanette of Jeanette Douglas Designs, and Judy, who makes the best lemon biscotti in the universe. Mike has pretty much snarfed all of the bag she sent home with me.

SB tp-7-2

Btw, the Shepherd's Bush girls set up a boutique full of fun things to shop, as well as mini trunk shows for the designers attending. It was so much fun to look around! I didn't get a whole lot of photos of the boutique bc the shopping crowd was steady, but I did manage to snap a few models and trinkets here and there…

SB tp-9-2

(The model below is by From the Heart – Needleart by Wendy)

SB tp-8-2

SB tp-10-2

SB tp-15-2

Jeanette didn't know she was in my camera frame, but you can see that she's getting ready to cause trouble…

SB tp-12-2

See what I mean?

SB tp-14-2

And speaking of Jeanette, I couldn't stop staring at these pincushions! And the ornaments she designed! I shall be making them all!

SB tp-11-2

SB tp-16-2

SB tp-17-2

I love how Teri and Tina changed the colors of Garden of Eerie to a colorway more similar to their signature palette. Pink clouds! I love it!

SB tp-13-2

I wish I'd gotten more pictures of the boutique.. many of the ones I took were blurred from excitement, so they ended up on the cutting room floor. 🙁 But trust me when I say that there were some gorgeous things there.

So far, I've tried keeping the photos in order, but I won't be able to keep that up bc I'm forgetting which days we did what. 🙂 So here's a random picture of a gorgeous barn we passed on our way to lunch in downtown Park City:

SB tp-6-2

We ate at Robert Redford's restaurant that day, called Zoom. The food was absolutely delicious, and I highly recommend eating there if you're ever in the area.

Zoom tp

And I liked that none of the glassware matched. 🙂

SB tp-5-2

(Btw, we shared the Marinated Roasted Beets and I had the fish tacos for my lunch.)

I'll end Part 2 with the only photo of the Shepherd's Bush project I got. (You can slap me if you ever see me in person.) It was gorgeous, needless to say, but I must have gotten interrupted after this photo since I didn't get a picture of the entire thing. 

SB tp-18-2

If you haven't given up on me yet, I'll be back with Part 3 soon!

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  1. I am just now getting around to posting my retreat pics on my blog too! You are soooo good at getting right on that!! Some I’m even having to resize before posting them.
    But I will try to be more diligent in getting them all on my blog and in hopes of not duplicating any pictures that you may have already posted.
    Now I can’t WAIT to take another class from you in the near future!

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