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Shepherd’s Retreat – Day 1

I've got all 180 photos loaded from the retreat, so go brew some coffee and get comfy! I'm kidding – there were 180 photos, but I won't burden your computer with all of them, no worries. For those of you who stopped by bc you'd like to see them, I'll break them up into manageable sections. 🙂

My flight to Salt Lake City was a short one, and I had the pleasure of sitting next to three other retreat attendees – Michelle, Edie, and Sylvia. What fun ladies they were, and if I wasn't excited about attending before, then I sure was after listening to all of their fun descriptions of how past retreats had gone. If any of you three are reading, thank you for making me feel welcome before I ever even got to Utah!

Sweet Mindy picked me up at the airport.. Teri had told me she was a darling, and she was. Mindy, you were a wonderful "chauffeur!"

Here we are across the street from Temple Square…

Mindy and Me tp

While we were there, she and I took a general tour of the Tabernacle and surrounding gardens, which was very interesting. The architecture is astounding…

SB tp-4

And the gardens are vibrant and beautiful…

SB tp-7

Inside, we got to see a scaled model of the Temple, which is only open to the public for a short time following its completion. After that, the Temple is dedicated to God, and the public is not allowed in.

SB tp-1

SB tp-2

There was also a scaled model of the city of Jerusalem.. the photo doesn't quite show how enormous this model really is. I can't imagine how long it took to build it!

SB tp-8

There were many reproductions of wagons and tools used by the Mormon pioneers who settled here to build their new life…

SB tp-3

These are some of the original glass panes; in person, you can see all the ripples in them…

SB tp-6

And take a look at that pipe organ! This is where the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs and records their music…

SB tp-5

When our tour was over, Mindy and I headed to lunch at the Blue Lemon Cafe across the street, and then it was time for the drive to Ogden. First stop: Jill Rensel's studio! Can I just tell you that Jill is as charming and lovely in person as I imagined her to be? What a beautiful person she is, and I must have had a hundred people ask me if I got the chance to meet her. She's quite popular, yet ever so humble and soft-spoken.

Here she is with Mindy, who is holding her sweet little pooches (who were as gentle-natured as Jill, and nothing like the Yorkie that resides in the Stewart home)…

SB-21 BW tp

And needless to say, her shop is amazing, full of framed and matted pieces waiting to be picked up or shipped out…

SB tp-10

SB tp-11

Someone had even stitched Brother's Keeper over one.. I wasn't able to stay there and get a decent shot of the frame itself as there was quite a crowd there, but I did manage to get a sliver of the piece photographed…

SB tp-12

After Jill's, Mindy drove me to the Shepherd's Bush shop… please pass the smelling salts; this place is fabulous. The building used to be an old blacksmith's shop, so you can imagine how much elbow grease it took Tina and Teri to get the place converted to one of the lovliest needlework shops in the country.

SB tp-18

SB tp-14

SB tp-13

SB tp-15

SB tp-16

SB tp-17

SB tp-21

SB tp-22

SB tp-19

SB tp-23

SB tp-24

SB tp-25

SB tp-26

SB tp-27

SB tp-28

SB tp-29

SB tp-30

SB tp-20

I'm spent.

Teri and Tina and all the friendly employees at Shepherd's Bush sure do know how to make one feel welcome. I actually didn't get to spend very long in the shop bc it was soon time to load up the vehicles and head up the mountain to the retreat. But I do plan on returning some day… how can I resist?

Btw, Mindy was quite the sweetheart, driving me around and making sure my blood-caffeine levels were normal. I believe she's visiting the Attic Needlework shop in Mesa, AZ as we speak (another of my dream shops), so if you're reading this, Mindy, I'm so happy Teri and Tina decided to volunteer you to be my taxi. 🙂

I'll be back soon with more fun from the retreat!


  • Margaret

    Whoa!!!! Ok, keep ’em coming. I’m definitely happy seeing all 180 of your pictures. lolol! Ok, maybe spread out over a few posts. But still. This is great! I get to live vicariously this way! A Blacksmith’s shop? Seriously? And Jill Rensel. Oh to be in her shop! Drooooool. Over one Brother’s Keeper. Wow, that is some feat! Love all the pics and the report!

  • Linda

    Oh Paulette, it sounds wildly wonderful!!! I have always wanted to attend a retreat, but so far haven’t had the opportunity! Thank you so much for sharing!!!! I look forward to more pics! Thanks again and again!!! Linda in CO

  • Edie

    So glad that you enjoyed your first retreat Paulette! Everytime I think they can’t possibly top the last one and then they do.
    We enjoyed getting to know you!

  • Sylvia

    It was so much fun giving you your “rock star moment.” Your new design is incredible, and I love that you’ve dedicated it to your mother. I look forward to seeing you again someday!

  • Joanne P

    What an amazing collection of photos, please can we see the rest of the 180!
    How great to meet Jill Rensel too, she seems like such a lovely person in her blog and her work is incredible.
    I’m sure she was as thrilled to meet you too and see who designs many of the pieces she frames.

  • Lynn Jones

    Oooh, I’m in heaven! I’ve seen photos of the SB shop before and each time I see them, my first instinct is to get on a plane and go there. I could probably spend days there comfortably, lol!
    It was also nice to finally put a face to the name of Jill Rensel. I wish we had someone of her talent in our area. I’m glad you were able to meet her.
    My hubby thanks you for including your pic of the pipe organ. He’d love to get his hands on that one I’m sure!

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