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Odds and Ends

I can't thank you all enough for your kind comments and emails, full of sympathy and encouragement regarding our sweet Friday. The support and friendship you showed to my family was incredibly heartwarming, and I was so surprised by how many people took the time to share their sweet condolences. Thank you!

I'm getting ready to kick off my fall season by heading to Park City, Utah tomorrow morning. I'll be attending the Shepherd's Retreat, hosted by the lovely Tina and Teri of Shepherd's Bush, and I'm very excited to do so! It's something I've wanted to do ever since they started them, but never got the chance to; imagine my surprise when they invited me to teach! I am very honored to have been asked, and I'm really looking forward to meeting those of you who are going. Hopefully I won't be too hopped up on caffeine when I get to the front of the classroom, but if I am, just touch your nose and that will be my signal to climb down from the table top.

Before I leave, however, I'd like to share a few moments from the summer… I know I haven't posted much at all, and I miss it sorely, but I'm still plagued with hip/hamstring issues that prevent me from sitting here overmuch. Anyway, here are a few things we did this summer… there was nothing spectacular, but I'm very okay with that; it was wonderful just to spend time at home with family… except for Bre, whom I missed very, very much. 🙁

Goodbye, Summer of 2012!

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Des Moines 018 fb

Des Moines 005 fb

Des Moines 029 fb

Des Moines 024 fb

Des Moines 014 fb

Summer tp-28

Summer tp-1

Summer tp-27

Summer tp-3

Summer tp-4

Summer tp-5

Summer tp-6

Summer tp-7

Summer tp-8

Summer tp-9

Summer tp-10

Summer tp-11

Summer tp-12

Summer tp-13

Summer tp-14

Summer tp-15

Summer tp-16

Summer tp-17

Summer tp-18

Summer tp-20

Summer tp-21

Summer tp-19

I hope your summer was marvelous, despite the intense heat, and that the fall brings you as many blessings as there are leaves falling to the ground.

See why I drink too much coffee? Bc if I don't, then I start waxing pseudo-poetic and everyone rolls their eyes.




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