Run, Big Papa, Run!

We spent this past Sunday downtown in the chilly, rainy weather, watching Big Papa run in another Corporate Cup race. He'd had no time to train, with the exception of the 2.3 miles he'd run the day before, hoping that would prepare him for the 6-mile jaunt ahead. Mike has always lived each day in a mind-over-matter way, so I was praying that's what would get him through this time. 🙂

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Sophie was given the choice to stay home in her warm bed and sleep in, but she insisted on getting up and cheering on her Best Buddy – and being at the finish line to call 911 if necessary.

CC tp-1

One last Hook 'em Horns sign, and he was off…

CC tp-3

CC tp-4

As we approached the 1-hour mark, we started looking out for Mike to come around the bend…

CC tp-5

There he is! Go Big Papa!!! You can do it!!!

CC tp-6

You're doing great, Mike! Yes, that's right -  You're in Nebraska, but Hook 'em Horns anyway!

CC tp-7

Go, Best Buddy!

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In just over an hour's time, he was finished! Sophie and I were so proud of him. (We love you, Big Papa.)

After the race, we headed back to the car, and passed this sculpture I'd never seen before. (Possibly bc I never venture downtown)

CC tp-11

Turns out it was a memorial to the victims of 9/11. I thought it was both sad and fascinating…

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After we got to the car, we headed over to the Farmer's Market at Aksarben Village, where Mike was eager to munch on any samples the vendors had to offer. (Btw, Aksarben is Nebraska, spelled backwards.)

CC tp-13

I bought some of these and made a buttery apple crisp later that evening.. for those of you who follow me on Instagram, I posted the recipe in steps there…

CC tp-22

CC tp-14

CC tp-15

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The best part about the Farmer's Market was that Jones' Bros. Cupcakes was nearby…

CC tp-18

(Btw, they won Cupcake Wars in the show's second season!)

I love this picture, bc it looks like Sophie has a mustache…

CC tp-17

After our cupcakes (they carry gluten-free ones as well), we walked around the Village a bit more.. I'm inserting this picture here bc I want to show it to Bre (who paints beautifully!), if she's reading this; it's a new painting studio called Village Canvas and Cabernet, and for $30 one can sit for 2 hours and learn to paint one of the projects featured up on the wall. An artist guides the students in various techniques, all while each person sips away on a glass of wine. (Mike and I figured the alcohol was to help people let go of their inhibitions and end up being surprised at what they could come up with! LOL)

CC tp-19

After I took this photo, I looked around to see where Mike had disappeared to, and I found him munching away on the free cookies, saying things like, "Believe it or not, I have an inner artist."

CC tp-20

Once I pulled Mike away from the tea and cookies table, we wandered back through the market so he could pick up some enchiladas he'd sampled earlier. On the way, we passed this folk band…

CC tp-21

I could have stood there and listened to them for hours…

CC tp-23

…Except for the fact that this dude was giving me the stink-eye…

CC tp-24

Sophie and I backed away, caught up with McFoodie Mike, and we all headed home.

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P.S. Mike is still coming down from the high of the day… not a runner's high, mind you, but a sugar high.


  • Patti

    Great photos and congrats to Mike on finishing the race!
    I have to tell you, I participated in what was called “Wine and Canvas” here in So Calif. My daughter-in-law, her mother, sister and I all had a GNO and the painting we did was Koi Pond. It was so much fun and we were amazed at how great our masterpiece’s turned out! Totally worth the $30.

  • Connie Rogers

    Great pics..Paulette you may not think this is funny..But it made me laugh..The third picture down looks like the lady is flashing Mike the way she is holding her coat open and Mike is giving her the ok..LOL..

  • Lutz

    Ahhhhh,….Mike,.. in my mind, I run with you. Men in our age have to look for health and our body.
    For this distance, I need the same time as you, so, we would be very good training partners.
    And after that, my wife will offer a delicious Black-Forest-Cherry-Cream-Gateau to have a balance.
    So – come and run with me.

  • Leslie

    Way to go Mike! Paulette I love seeing and reading about your family adventures. It always puts a smile on my face.
    I also thought the third picture down looks like the lady is flashing Mike the way she is holding her coat open and Mike is giving her the ok. I laughed when I saw another poster thought the same thing! 🙂

  • connie adrian

    whew, glad I’m not the only person reading this blog with their mind in the gutter(i.e. 3rd picture!)
    6 long, stickin’ miles just to get a cupcake? No way,Jose!!! Mike, I will buy you a cupcake any day and you won’t even have to run an inch for it!!
    But good job and I admire you! Sophie and Paulette, you get the “look at me, I’m here encouraging him on” award for the day!!

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