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I'll think about it, okay Tasha?

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For those of you who have "liked" my Plum Street Samplers Facebook page, I just wanted you to know that I'm in the process of updating it and adding all those photos that should have been added long ago. From now on, you can find news of my upcoming releases both here on my blog and over there. 🙂

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15 Replies to “Facebook”

  1. This post is kind of like seeing a dude’s jeans riding WAY too low….you can’t keep yourself from looking at it over and over…..and then laughing so hard you almost pee yourself! I SO LOVE your posts. Now if you’ll please excuse me, I need to go find some dry drawers! -Diane

  2. It’s about time we got to see Friday again!! Love the wicker chairs the dogs are sitting in…and I would friend Tasha on Facebook…if I do will I get geese? I like geese….and I like you cuze you is silly!!

  3. What a fun post, Paulette! I agree with Denise; many thanks for continuing your design updates here as well and not relying totally on FB.
    Robin in Virginia

  4. You can tell so much about a person by the way they treat animals. You are so special that when your mother in law came to live, that you also accepted her animals into your family as well. I know you have had your trials, but you are so awesome to have kept them.
    And how special that you can pay them back by embarrassing them on your blog! 🙂

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