Sweet Nebraska Land

When I step outside into the overwhelming heat to move the sprinkler to another parched portion of the back yard, I often wonder how the men and women of the pioneer days ever managed to remain rooted where they were, rather than desperately heading back eastward. I imagine it was the faith that it would surely rain the next day.

As my feet crunch their way back into the air-conditioned house, I think back to the spring, when the skies did the sprinkling for me.

Flower tp 1

Flower tp 2

Flower tp 6

Flower tp 4

Flower tp 3

Flower tp 5

Ah, Nebraska Land! Sweet Nebraska Land,
Upon they burning soil I stand.
And I look away, across the plains,
And I wonder why it never rains.

                                        – Roger Welsch



  • karen thomas

    Paulette…how surprising to see your post. I just got back from vacation which included driving across Missouri and Nebraska as we took in both Lewis & Clark tidbits as well as some Pioneer history following parts of the Oregon and Mormon trails. Amazed at the different landscapes we encountered (so many corn fields!) along the drive.

  • connie adrian

    Thank you Paulette for the beautiful pictures. I, too, have often thought how the settlers ever stayed and managed here. The sod house is so crude but prov
    ed to be a good shelter. I have pictures of my family’s sod home with them all lined up outside for a photo…very much like the one you posted. Thank you to all the settlers for their hard work, faith and unwillingness to give in…may we be more like them.

  • Rebecca

    Thanks Paulette for the beautiful sentiments about the pioneers.
    As I set here in my almost 100 year old un-airconditioned house today is not to bad. There is a beautiful breeze swagging in the bunting draped porch and in the open windows. I love the picture of the family outside their sod buster house. I wonder if they were hot that day or if there was a nice breeze too.
    Have a great day and stay cool.

  • Chris

    Loved your pictures of the beautiful flowers. Just gorgeous.
    Think of the pioneer women who wore bonnets, long dressed with long sleeves, corsets and scrubbed floors, shook out rugs, etc. in the heat. Maybe that’s why they died young?!?

  • Anja

    Weather report from Northern Germany:
    Rain, rain and rain. 14°C at 10a.m., 18°C at 4p.m.
    Today (in our state) we have our first day of SUMMER-holidays. Which summer? The last is two years ago.
    But the tree frog on TV is talking about a little bit sun in a few days. We hope the best.
    I will send some rain and best wishes for all of you.
    Yours, Anja

  • Fabienne LION

    Very nice flowers for the birthday of your blog! (19/07 if I remember correctly?).
    Please continue to enjoy our daily life with your wonderful designs!
    All the best for your and your family!
    from Fabienne from Berlin (Germany)!

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