From Holland with Love

Dutch Beauty has returned to me, and I am incredibly happy with her. When I crawled into bed last night, I sat for quite a while just looking up at it and marveling that such a young girl (by today's standards) would have stitched something so astounding. Was it expected of her to do so? Did she start out with the intentions of creating something this large, or did she simply have trouble finding a stopping point? Could she not settle on just one pattern, but wanted to incorporate many? (Yes, they had cross stitch patterns back then!) I'm sure if she knew I copied her masterpiece, she would laugh and say, "Oh, that old thing?" 😉

Db tp 6

The barrel distortion of my lens made the frame look bowed in the above photo, but in real life it is not! Thank you, Julie, at Reflections Framing and Stitching for choosing such a gorgeous moulding for it! (Maryann and Julie and Connie are all such sweet ladies. and I'm thrilled that we once again have a lovely cross stitch shop here.)

Db tp 3

This sampler is a mirrored pattern, which made the work a bit tedious at times. But in the end, it was worth all of the exasperated sighs and exclamations of, "This again?"

Db tp 7

Believe it or not, my bed is king-sized. The way everything fits so snugly into the photo gives it the appearance of being much smaller than it is, but trust me, it's pretty overwhelming when I walk into my bedroom!

Db tp 10

I cannot believe it's finished! And now I want to stitch my guts out. 🙂

And guess what else I got back this week! 

Db tp 9

Thank you to Jill Rensel for such a lovely job on my (The Primitive Needle) A&E! I loved the original color scheme Lisa designed it in, and when I saw the way Shepherd's Bush had changed the colors, I couldn't believe it was the same sampler! Tina and Teri did a beautiful conversion to their signature soft palette, and as much as I wanted to use it, I knew that it wouldn't quite fit in with this particular wall of color. So I opted for keeping the majority of the primitive colors Lisa used, while switching out a few to more vibrant hues in an effort to keep up with the other Edens. (To the left is Frances Eden, and underneath is Paradise Lost.)(Would you believe that it just now occurred to me that Frances Eden's last name is Eden? Am I the only one who didn't notice the coincidence?)

I'm off to do a little weeding (Mom, quit snickering… okay, a lot of weeding!), and then perhaps take a walk around the lake. But when I get back, I do believe I'll stitch until I can stand it no more. 🙂

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  1. WOW! Dutch Beauty is a beauty. I would be spending lots of time in the bedroom just looking at her. What an accomplishment!
    Your other finishes and framed pieces are also lovely.
    Yes, each time I finish something, I also want to start something else

  2. Wow, Paulette! It is stunning! Beautiful stitching and the frame really is perfect for it. Seriously, I’m in awe!
    Your SB A&E is beautiful, too, and has another great frame.
    So, what next?

  3. Beautiful — -all of them are absolutely beautiful. I bet you are right about the original stitcher — I bet she’d point out every spot she did “wrong.”
    I’m curious — just how long do you have to stitch to reach the point of “standing it no more?” lol

  4. Dutch Beauty is amazing Paulette!! I,too am overwhelmed by what these young girls could accomplish. They’ve done a beautiful job on the framing. I had no idea that it was as large as it is! Gorgeous!!!
    Lovely work on your A&E as well!

  5. Amazing Paulette!! It is such a stunning sampler, and the moulding is just perfect. What a masterpiece.
    I also just love your A&E, so pretty, and it holds its own quite well with the other two.

  6. Paulette – I am always amazed when I see DB – it is so gorgeous and the framing is just exquisite. I also love the frame choice on your PN A&E – I have this one started and am into the tree but I just can’t stay on it – I lose interest very quickly – I actually love the colors so I don’t know what my problem is. Cheers ! Mel

  7. This sampler is wonderful. Is there a chart. We no longer have a shop here, so I can’t really ask anyone. There are some others on Pinterest that I’m wondering if there is a chart. How do we find them?

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