Seven Sins and Nine Lives

Tilly has become quite spoiled living here. So spoiled, in fact, that I sometimes catch her in embarrassingly gluttonous situations when she thinks I'm in another room in the house.

Witness, if you will, her shame…

Tp 1

Tp 2

So caught up is she in her greed, she cares not that I'm watching her…

Tp 3

So I leave her to indulge herself bc I can't, in good conscience, look on any longer.

Tp 4

But when I return, she's only gotten worse.

Tp 5

I really should intervene and do something about this, or I'll find myself dangerously close to envy slothfulness.

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  1. Great pictures. As always. You are so talented. Tilly is an excellent model. Naughty, naughty cat ;-). Those pets whom we so dearly love always look as if they are having the last laugh, aren’t they ?

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