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Love Presents, Part 2

Here are just a few photos from Thanksgiving… we went to my parents' house again this year, and my mom gave the girls the sweetest love presents! The idea was that the presents had to be something having to do with decorating for the Christmas season, so she gave what she thought was the most personality-fitting gift to each of the girls. I do believe she pulled it off! 🙂

Sabrina's sweet tooth has every dentist in Omaha exhausted from night-terrors, so her gift was easy: a candy tree, made by my mom! Each kiss had to be painstakingly glued onto the tree – a process that takes the better part of an afternoon.

Tp 4

In addition to the tree, Sabrina got the coolest Santa that looks like it's made from pure milk chocolate, but in fact it is non-edible. Mom said she licked it just to be sure.

Bre's taste in decorating is positively hodgepodge-chic, which makes it really fun to spot things that would go well in her apartment. Mom put together this darling wreath stand (sorry, the top was cut off in the photo), wreath, and Christmas ornament.. Noel is Breanna's middle name, so it was perfect!

Tp 5

Remember when Sophie wanted a bathroom overhaul as soon as Sabrina moved out? Sophie takes her bathroom very seriously, and pretty much breaks out in hives if something doesn't quite look right in there. She also insists on decorating it for the seasons, so Mom gave her one of Bath and Body Works' new soap sleeves, along with some new handsoap and hand towels. I don't have a better picture than this one, I'm afraid, but you get the idea…

Tp 6

It was a lot of fun watching the girls open their gifts – and moreso bc they weren't expecting them. 🙂

As far as the actual Thanksgiving day went, Mom had a gorgeous table display, as usual…

Tp 1

After the meal, Mike and Dad retired to the basement for the Dallas Cowboys game, while Sabrina tried staying awake, resting against her Meems' lap…

Tp 2

Sophie sat pleasantly and conversed with anyone who was lucky enough to be sitting near her…

Tp 3

And Bre did what Bre does best, when she thinks no one is looking…

Tp 7

I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving, whether with your family, your friends, or just the cozy quiet of your home.

P.S. My mom didn't really lick the fake chocolate Santa.


  • Margaret

    lol, Paulette! I have visions of your mom licking the fake chocolate Santa now. 😀 Your mom did well in her gift giving. Such fun you all had on Thanksgiving!

  • joanntx

    i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the love gifts to the girls! each was picked out special for each one with love and thought! you and your mom ROCK! what makes it so special was the fun ya’ll have picking for each girl and none of them were expecting it! thats the greatest!!
    marsha your holiday table was just lovely and SO inviting!
    i had to ponder at your girls tho. two are dressed like its cold, cold, cold and then along come sophie in a sleeveless blouse? such contrast between the sisters! 🙂

  • Sherry

    Your family has some of the greatest holiday traditions for gifts! Love presents, you and your mom doing a sampler for each other! I always enjoy reading about them.

  • Tanya

    LOVE this post! Your family had a blast, sounded like. Nothing like sweet memory-making moments with loved ones. Great pics AND captions as always.
    ps… I’ve been known to lick the plate too!

  • Lynn

    Your Mom made this a truly special Thanksgiving Day! The time and thought put into her gifts shows just how much she loves her granddaughters.
    Her table is beautifully decorated too. Great pics of the girls! I love how you managed to catch Bre in the act!

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