Peas and Carrots

It was so nice having Bre home for a few days over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Bre tp 2

Bre tp 3

And of course, she brought sweet Tilly with her.

Bre tp 6

Bre tp 5

Bre tp 4

Tilly is still quite a baby, and whenever Bre isn't home, Tilly wanders around the house, calling for her.

Bre tp 7

I understand, Tilly. I miss her too when she's not home.

Bre tp 1


  • Margaret

    Awwwww, so cute!!! Tilly is a darling! She seems very tranquil too. Unlike certain Mia’s I know. lol! I know what you mean about having your DD home for a few days. Isn’t it nice? Or rather, wasn’t it?

  • Julie McConnell

    Glad Bre was home for Thanksgiving. Tilly is adorable! This was my first Thanksgiving without Adam being home. It was tough. We skyped but I’m looking forward to Christmas when I can see him in person and give him a big ol’ squdge!

  • Cathryn

    What a beautiful picture of Bre (first one). I love the way she’s sitting and the sunlight shines upon her. It looks like such a comfy place to sit. 🙂 Cathryn

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