Bre’s Apartment

Well aren't you all just so clever, suggesting Sophie get a cat of her own? I had to laugh at the comments on the last post.. yes, my Sophie does think she deserves her own kitten, but she does have a guinea pig named Ruby and a fish named Shamudeedee (don't ask) who would disagree with the majority of you. 😉

Here are a few pictures I took of Bre's room when we were down there the last time…I love her little room! It's so cheery, and it's so Bre!

Apt tp 1

Apt tp 2

My dad made her this cool necklace rack…

Apt tp 3

…complete with these charming little knobs (each one is different)…

Apt tp 4

I made her this earring frame…

Apt tp 5

Apt tp 6

…and these kitties make her crazy!

Apt tp 7

I thought it was cute how Tilly jumped up on the bed when she heard Bre opening a new bag of food and pouring it into the food jar…

Apt tp 8

Apt tp 9

Breanna loves her Tilly Charlotte Sox..

Apt tp 10

I thought it was funny how Tilly ran underneath Bre when Bre was squatting down to put something away… oh, the fun I have at my oldest daughter's expense!

Apt tp 11

I bought this little bird for Frieda's room when she came to live with us. Bre decided to take it with her to her apartment, and it sits on a windowsill…

Apt tp 12

Love that lamp!

Apt tp 13

Apt tp 14

I think Bre's room is perfectly cozy. It smells amazing too, bc she has that Huskers Scentsy burner on her nightstand that she got from my sister, Audrey, who is a Scentsy dealer. That was a shameless plug for my sister. 

Bre, I'm so proud of you, and I'm especially proud that your bed was made when I came over. 😉