Summer Trip (and a video)

Right after graduation, my sister whisked Sabrina off on a whirlwind summer vacation that included places like the Alamo, shopping, Sea World, shopping, beaches, Schlitterbahn, shopping, Six Flags, cupcake shops, and finally a little bit of shopping. I know there were other places in there as well, but I can't think of them all on only 3 cups of coffee.

Grind me some beans and cut me some slack, will ya?

Sabrina took all of her pictures on her cell phone, and I've grabbed a few to show you. I'm also sharing a video she took (on her new Flip camcorder) of Natalie trying to learn Bruno Mars' "Count On Me." It's such a sweet song, and the drama Natalie puts forth in her efforts to belt out the chorus is so funny! (Her eyebrows get me every time.)

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Here's the video…My sister tries to join in the fun in the end, but Natalie doesn't appreciate anyone stealing her face time with the camera. Btw, the video is a little long (2 1/2 minutes), but I couldn't figure out how to trim anything out of the middle…  Great job singing your numbers, Neenee!


Count On Me from Paulette Stewart on Vimeo.

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  1. OMG!! I have a toothache from the sweetness of this!!! LOL!! What a great gift to give Sabrina…a trip to Texas and family time with her Aunt and cousin. It’s what makes for awesome memories! Thanks for sharing!
    (Sabrina has a nice singing voice)

  2. How cute! Natalie totally stole the show. I loved towards the end when her Mommy tried to sing and she told her NO!!! So sweet. What wonderful memories they all have from their fun trip. Thanks for sharing. Hope Sabrina is feeling better.

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