Stop Right There.

I asked Sophie, "Why do you think God gave us eyebrows?"

She thought about it, and gave me these three reasons, and was very sure (and serious) about her answer:

1. "He wanted us to be able to show emotion with more than just our eyes and our mouth."

2. "Maybe He thought our face was too blank with just a forehead and eyes, so He needed one more thing to put there."

3. "He knew that some day, girls would want to wear makeup, and they needed a line so that they knew where to stop."

I loved her answers, and I'm going with all three of them.

Soph tp 

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  1. LMBO! I love #3 the ‘where to stop’ comment. This becomes more and more reasonable the older you get and realize why older women wear heavy makeup (because they can’t see!) LOLOLOL. from an ‘older’ woman. 😉 Cathryn

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