Crazy Kids


It's been a while since Sophie has played with her Barbies, but tonight she had a hankering for her old friends, so with a little help from myself, all 42 tons of Barbie dolls, accessories, houses, and cars were brought up from the basement to be spread out on the floor.

After catching my breath, I settled into the other room for a little stitching and Dancing with the Stars.

And that's when I first heard her cry out, "No! Stop! It will never be yours!"

And then, "You'll never look as good in it as I do!"

Curious, I got off the couch and peeked into the Barbie room.

Tp 1

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Kate Middleton has been kidnapped by three robbers named Cleopatria, Cicilia, and Cathedra."

Tp 2

(That's Kate, bound to a bed while Cleopatria mocks her. She has stolen Kate's wedding dress and veil bc she is jealous of Kate, and wants it for her own wedding.)

Tp 3

The next photo is of Cleopatria, looking up at the camera with maniacal laughter, overjoyed at Kate's misfortune…

Tp 4

The Yorkie can't believe what she's seeing.

Tp 5

Evil would-be bride Cleopatria (who recently played a salon customer at the hands of Sophie, Barber to the Stars) admires her reflection in a mirror…

Tp 6

Tp 7

The Yorkie stood and stared for the entire production, in shock over her future Queen being treated so barbarically.

Tp 9

Tp 8

Tp 10

Just when the nightmare was almost over, Cathedra stole the wedding gown from Cleopatria.

Tp 15

Tp 13

Tp 14

I'm not sure how it ended, as I was worried I'd miss Maks on Dancing with the Stars. But I believe Kate and Wills' wedding will go on as planned, with Kate wearing her gown and veil as if no near-disaster had ever happened.

Don't worry, Yorkie. Cleo, Cicilia, and Cathedra won't be attending.

Tp 11


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