Lookin’ Like a Fool

Happy April 1st!

A few nights ago I was blogging, and Sabrina snapped my photo. Let me explain the ridiculousness of it, if I may…

1. The reason I have no neck is bc Sabrina had just given me a new loop scarf as a love present, and I didn't want to take it off bc it was comfy.

2. I see nothing else unusual about this photo.

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Enjoy your day!


  • joann tx

    i’m amazed you can sit in the chair like that!!
    my stomache would get in my way! LOL!!
    other wise, GREAT pic! sabrina did a great job!

  • Margaret

    I was going to say what Joann said — except for me, I don’t think my legs would do that! lol!

  • Anja

    It is a great foto! (not a joke)
    Who is this teenager ???? Would you please put down your shoes, I told you so often.
    Paulette, have a nice April. Yours, Anja

  • Shelly

    Oh, to be able to sit like that without my knees screaming in pain! Either that’s a real big chair or you are tiny! Have a wonderful April!

  • Leslie

    LOL! Love the way you were sitting in the chair. I didn’t realize it at first, because I was focused on the scarf. Have a great weekend.

  • Sherry

    Awesome picture and I know you have a neck so its all good LOL
    Girls at work sit like in their chairs my belly doesn’t allow me to do this but I am working on that and when that day comes, you better believe I will be posting pictures!!!!!!
    Love to you and your family, they are as awesome as you are Paulette, a true blessing in my life!

  • Wendy

    I have often thought that Bre looks just like you, Sabrina looks like the perfect combination of you and Mike, and Sophie looks just like Mike. This picture completely seals that belief… it’s as if Bre’s hair has grown out…
    Can you sit with your legs completely criss crossed, too, Miss Limber? LOL

  • Margaret

    Wow either that chair is massive or you are a tiny wee thing. It looks like you are ready to pounce into the screen of your computer. If I sat like that, my knees would lock up and I would topple clean off that chair, or just be stuck.
    Awesome photo 🙂

  • Jan

    Nope, I don’t see anything else wrong with this pic…after all the coffee cup is there…on second though, is it full or empty? lol

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