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Saturday Reblog: Crikey

Though lately I've not posted to my blog on weekends, I decided to re-post something I'd blogged about on my old blog at Xanga. I was meandering through some of the old photos there, and ran across one that scares me just as much now as it did back then.

If you were reading my blog way back then and you remember this photo, then you have my sincerest apology for bringing to the surface of your mind the frightening image that you probably tried so hard to suppress.

Here goes… from March of 2008:

When I got my new camera, I gave Sophie my old one so that she could practice taking pictures. Unbeknownst to me, she'd mostly been practicing self-portraits. So imagine my surprise when I discovered this doozy:


The scary thing is, it eerily resembled this:

croc hunter

I was as big a Crocodile Hunter fan as the next person, but still. I think I'll take back my camera when she's not looking.

And now we're back in March of 2011. Please don't send me the bills for your therapy sessions.

Enjoy your weekend!



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