Fro-Yo Run

When Bre comes to town and I've hugged the stuffing out of her, here's usually what happens.

Red mango tp

No one else in our family is as crazy about Red Mango as we are, so usually it's just us two. If you don't have one where you live, it's a frozen yogurt shop that allows you to dispense your own – after you've sampled as many as you like! They change out the flavors each week, so you never know what you're going to see when you arrive…

Tp 1

My favorite combination is coconut (oh my, don't knock it til you try it!), pineapple, and banana. Bre loves black cherry. (She was sampling the lemon souffle here.)

Tp 2

After you've filled either a small or large bowl with your favorite yogurts, you head to the toppings bar for even more calories!

Tp 3

Here's what Bre's usually looks like:

Tp 4

And here's mine:

Tp 7

Tp 5

I don't like to be photographed while I'm eating, but I don't mind aggravating other people with it.

Tp 8

(Isn't that the cutest watch?)

Tp 9

Btw, you pay by the ounce. The first time Bre and I visited, we each had around 4 oz. The second time, around 7 oz. We've worked our way up to about 16.4 oz each these days.

Tp 6

And since it's frozen yogurt (instad of ice cream), none of it shows up on our hips. ahem.

Tp 10

I'll be visiting Bre tomorrow, and they just happen to have a brand new Red Mango place about 5 minutes from where she lives.  In an effort to promote a healthy lifestyle, we will be supporting the shop as soon as we're finished with our lunch. 😉


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  1. Never heard of Red Mango but you had me searching their website for locations and woo hoo, there’s one in Arlington so methinks I might find myself there soon. I’ll let you know! Looks divine.

  2. I dearly Love Yogurt and I wish we had a place like you have near me too but I don’t have one…. :(. Darn it.
    Enjoy your Visit with Brea……
    I love your Photos….
    You take beautiful pictures.
    Take care & Happy Stitching
    Hugs 🙂 from Cold Wintery Sunny Northern Indiana
    Linda K, Railroad

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