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    The Queen of Tween

    After the kids are off to school and I've come home to begin the day's online shopping cleaning, I generally check in the girls' rooms to see that they've made their beds and picked up their things from the morning.

    I'm usually disappointed. Moving on.

    Last week, I peered into Sophie room past her door sign to discover something that stopped me up short…

    (Some of you may remember her door sign…)

    Tp 1

    Tp 2

    Her first teeny-bopper idol poster.

    Tp 3

    This discovery prompted me to look around her room at all of the little things that reflect her personality… and I realized that she is changing from a sweet, small, Barbie-doll-loving girl into a bolder, somewhat taller, Bieber-doll-loving tween.

    Exhibit A:

    Her brightly-colored barrettes have been replaced by tubes of mascara and wild nail polishes…

    Tp 7

    Exhibit B:

    Her much-loved Wacky-Bands are stored in a container underneath even more mascara, instead of on her wrists, waiting to be traded to other 5th-graders.

    Tp 6

    Exhibit C:

    Thumbtacks, thumbtacks everywhere!

    Tp 4

    Exhibit D:

    This is what she calls a "VERY organized" desk.

    Tp 10

    Exhibit E:

    She's traded in reading her homework for teen celebrity gossip.

    Tp 9

    There are, however, several traits she has held on to that remind me of the sweetness that is Sophie's personality.

    Exhibit A:

    She lovingly takes care of Ruby.

    Tp 5

    Exhibit B:

    She has a heck of a time memorizing Bible verses, but never gives up trying.

    Tp 8

    Exhibit C:

    She loves every snowglobe she receives, and gladly shares the memory associated with each one.

    Tp 13

    Tp 12

    This is one of her favorites.. I picked it up for her in an Arizona airport. It's full of sand instead of water! (And I love that the little girl in her is always afraid that the snake will one day get out.)

    Tp 11

    Exhibit D:

    My favorite. This is her best friend, Bonkers, and his little friend, Lulu. They have a very special place next to Sophie when I tuck her in each night. If he falls off the bed, she squeals, "Bonks! Oh, Bonks! Are you okay?"

    Tp 14

    What a fun age she is. Ten-going-on-thirteen.

    Tp 15

    Sophie, you are a joy. And if by some remote chance any of your friends ever read this blog, then you can tell them I was totally joking about you and Bonkers.

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    Desperate Times

    As exciting as the snow was when it first fell earlier in December, the ice has left us all slipping and sliding and wishing for either the Morton's Fairy to arrive or a fresh snowfall to cover it all up. One of Mike's and Sophie's favorite things to do is to go sledding, but the weather hasn't cooperated. So today they struck out for the driveway to go icing instead.

    (Nevermind the filthy vehicles…)

    Ice tp 6

    Ice tp 5

    I bet that curb felt good…

    Ice tp 4

    Ice tp 3

    If Mike acts like this on our driveway, imagine what he would do sliding down Everest.

    Ice tp 2

    If they can make it back to the top, they'll go for round 2…

    Ice tp 1

    And they're off!

    Ice tp 7

    Yes, Mike, you are the champion icer in the family.

    Ice tp 8

    Ice tp 9

    It's been three hours since I last saw them last. I imagine they're on the Iowa border about now.

    Ice tp 10

    Which means I don't have to play bored games tonight.

  • Stitching


    This is Joann's "HallowEden"… she named the serpent "Crowley." 😉 Great finish, Joann!


    Here is Chelsea's rendition of "Sophie's Sheep"… Sophie loved the sparkly fabric, btw!


    I love what Valie did with the "Adore Him" freebie! The colors are wonderful!


    Take a look at how Myra finished "Hares' Christmas"… I love it!

    Myra 2


    And finally, here is Robin's "Olga"… what a great fall display, Robin!


    Thank you all so much for sharing your finishes with me! As usual, I LOVE seeing them!

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    I Resolve To…

    I have really looked forward to 2011, bc I've been feeling completely overwhelmed with inspiration and lots of creative energy. One wouldn't know this, judging from the state of my house, but 'tis true: I am feeling fabulous!

    Earlier today I tweeted that I want to experience the feeling of actually finishing something I started. So I gathered together all the lists I made (don't you just love lists?) on New Year's Eve and decided that if I read them enough throughout the year, surely everything on them will happen. 🙂

    1. I will learn to knit dishrags.

    Yes, dishrags. I love them. And after that, I shall knit baby hats. I want a whole collection of baby hats, and no one can talk me out of it.

    New year tp 2

    2. I want to be nicer to the Yorkie.

    I've been working on that lately, but no one around here seems to appreciate it. I heard Mike recently tell Sophie, "Don't tell Mom that there's pee on the carpet. It's better for everyone that way." So I got to thinking that maybe I shouldn't behave like Genghis Khan on crack every time it happens. Instead, I decided to sweet-talk her throughout the day, which prompted Sabrina to tell me that it's ridiculous when I talk to her like a baby. Go figure.

    New year tp 1

    3. I will finish 3 of my cross stitch projects.

    I came to the number 3 bc I have 6 total unfinished projects. I cut that number in half, bc if you could see the size of the things I have to finish… well, let's just say they're not ornaments.

    Here's one of them… Frances Eden. It was started by my dear friend Kim before she passed it on to me, and I worked on it only a little. I'm very excited to see this finished!

    New year tp 9

    The second one is Ruth Bacheler. I started this with  Samplermaker-Extraordinaire-Margaret, but we both grew sidetracked with other projects, and it never got finished. I find these colors to be extremely relaxing, and it's one of my favorite projects I have going.

    New year tp 8

    Finally, there is Dutch Beauty. I've completed 13 of 21 pages so far, and desperately want this hanging over the back of the couch in my family room!

    New year tp 6

    Did you know that the Yorkie and the Chen are stitched on it?

    New year tp 5

    Oh, and look. The Yorkie is doing what she does best…

    New year tp 7

    I still can't quite figure out why the original stitcher included that naughty dog in her masterpiece, unless she wanted to give her mother fits.

    I do have a few other things on my list of resolutions, but none with accompanying pictures. For example, I'd love to live a healthier lifestyle; this is not defined by one thing like "I'd like to lose weight" or "I will go to the gym every day," but rather just learning to do what I can and be happy with that for the day. I learned some time last year to stop picking fights with myself over what I did or didn't get accomplished, bc it would leave me feeling very dissatisfied at the end of the day. And who wants to wake up the next morning with leftover dissatisfactions? It leads to an awful lot of negative thinking, and that's something that definitely prohibits creative energy!

    One last thing I'm doing this year.. a 365-day blog. In case you've never heard of one, it's a way for people to document a year, one photo per day for each of the 365 days. If you enjoy taking photos, join in! Here's where my pictures will be posted:  focus on today.

    Thank you for always taking the time to visit me. I hope this new year brings you all the joys that you deserve!



    1. Heike, I've been trying to email you, but my emails keep getting bounced back to me! I'm not sure why this is happenening, so do you have an alternate email address I can send to?

    2. Constantina, I still have your Christmas issue of Just Cross Stitch to send to you! I've tried emailing you, but the address doesn't appear to be valid. Can you email me your mailing address? I'd love for you to have your magazine – at least by next Christmas! 🙂

    3. I want a huge collection of baby hats despite the fact that I am not pregnant, nor plan to be. Just in case you were wondering.