Santa Baby

Would you believe I'm still trying to clean up the house from all the Christmas spirit? It was a wonderfully happy time we all had, despite having to accomodate Sabrina's work schedule (she had to work both Christmas Eve and Christmas day!).

In years past, Mike has always surprised me with the most wonderful gifts. And this year was no different… not only did he get me the new camera I've been pining for (the Canon 7D), but I just have to show you these adorable Betsy Johnson earrings he got for me!

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I've been wearing them constantly. 🙂

I got Mike an iPad, which has worked out very well for me: if he says he wants dinner, I just tell him there's an app for that.

Same with the laundry.

I truly hope your Christmas, no matter how it was spent, was a joyous occasion. We celebrated Christmas with my family, and we learned to adjust to new traditions as we celebrated in our hearts with Mike's.

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  1. My brother has an iPad and it’s amazing – good gift! Love the camera earrings – how fun and sounds perfect for you.
    Still a mess here and trying not to go nuts over it like I usually do but ahhhhhh, it’s gotta be cleaned up soon!!
    Happy 2011,

  2. those ear rings are so cute! and so tiny!
    well, my christmas was fun but all the decorations are put away for another year. had to get the outside ones in as they yard service came monday.
    just continued on the inside.
    now i’ve more time for stitching!

  3. Darling earrings! Good job Mike!
    The after Christmas clean up is what scared me out of going all out with the decorations this year.
    Finally figured out how to add you to my Google-thingy….sheesh. I’ve missed reading each post.
    Happy New Year!!

  4. I am glad to hear that your Christmas was wonderful. Mike seems to know exactly what to get you for Christmas. That is fabulous! The camera and the earrings are great!
    Now – back to putting away things at MY house! (So I can get back to stitching!)

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