It’s a Wrap!

Friday is here, and I'm spending it drinking hot cranberry tea and wrapping presents while the kids are at school.

Missy tp 1

Hopefully this one won't leave me any unexpected "presents" on the carpet today.


  • Kristen from MA

    What a face! 😉
    BTW, I received my copy of the JCS issue with your interview. I’ve been reading your blog for several months, but I had no idea that it was Kathy Barrick who got you into designing. You’re 2 of my absolute favorite designers, and it’s great to hear that you are good friends. 🙂
    I love, love, love the winter sampler you designed! It’s going on the ‘to be stitched’ list right away. 🙂
    (If I’m not mistaken, the author of the piece referred to you as ‘Marie’ at one point. Sloppy, sloppy editing!)

  • Devon

    Oh good luck with the wrapping,,cant go wrong with a hot cup of tea..and I will take that puppy anyday,,,she and my toby would get along so good..have a great and relaxing weekend..

  • Sheryl

    she is so adorable. I hope she doesn’t leave you any presents either. Hope cranberry tea sounds so good. I’m having pumpkin spice chai.
    Have fun wrapping presents. I have to rewrap a few that our cat unwrapped.

  • connie

    What wonderful and cute help you have to do your wrapping. The tea sounds yummy. I finished shopping today and now I get to have a wrapping party. Want to come help?

  • Marsha

    I guess that cutie pie will be getting coal in her stocking! That tea sounds great. have you heard of Apple Chai tea? Boil apple juice or cider and then brew chai tea in it for 3-5 min. It’s good.

  • Cathryn

    I love being alone in the house and wrapping presents. It’s one of my best memories. 🙂 Enjoy these times. (What a face! Love it!) Cathryn

  • joanntx

    “BTW, I received my copy of the JCS issue with your interview”
    i’ve been battling a hacking cough this past week, trying to finish up ornaments and just watching life pass me by.
    which issue is this please? i’m off the next two weeks and will have the time to look for it….i don’t want to end up w/the wrong issue!!! thanks!

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