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Bean’s Birthday

Bean turned 17 on Tuesday, and after school she got to open her presents and have her boo stop by. (For those of you who aren't current on teeny-bopper lingo, "boo" means "beau." So now, when you're listening to the top 40 on the radio, you'll feel really dope when you know what boo means.)

Here's what Boo brought Bean:

Bday tp 2

Bday tp 1

There were TWO DOZEN of these beauties! I was floored!

Her dad got her a brand new cell phone that does everything from her schoolwork (so she doesn't have to) to remotely switching President Obama's radio station (so he doesn't accidentally say things like "boo"). He also got her some other really cool things (and he even let me say they were from me, too, bc all I did was give birth to her, which is lame) like an Urban Outfitters gift card and some makeup from Sephora…

Bday tp 5

There he is, holding the lip gloss he picked out all by himself (after calling me about what colors of "eye junk and stuff" to get), as well as a foundation brush that he said "was the brush to beat all brushes." He was very proud of himself for walking into Sephora, knowing what to ask for. What he doesn't realize is that sometimes people wonder about burly men who walk into Sophora, knowing what to ask for.

Nate was watching the gift-unwrapping from afar, so Friday kept him company…

Bday tp 7

Here is Bean, reading her annual letter from her Dad…

Bday tp 8

Sophie got her some Bath and Body Works products (her favorite thing to give to people!) and created a birthday masterpiece with her Mr. Sketch markers…

Bday tp 6

Even though Nate was getting ready to take Bean out to dinner and to a movie, we decided to spoil their appetites with cake and ice cream first…

Bday tp 4

And then, before they left, Nate played his guitar and sang beautifully to her  – and to Sophie, who loves to hear him sing and play as much as I do. (I think, however, that Sophie is secretly studying his talents to see if he will be worthy of singing backup for her one day.)

Bday tp 3

After their date, Bean's friends had a surprise birthday party for her at the home of one of her best friends, where she was crowned with a tiara and given lots of fun gifts. She had absolutely no idea this was coming, since the plan was to "hang out" as usual. 🙂

I'm so happy my Bean had a fun day… although I do still owe her a birthday frappuccino, as I'd promised. And I'm very thankful that she has such good friends who made her day special.

And thank you to all of you! It was so sweet of you to leave her best birthday wishes on Tuesday, and she got a kick out of reading them. 🙂


  • joann tx

    that BOO is a KEEPER!!!!
    they are GORGEOUS!!!!
    and what great friends to surprise sabrina later!!!
    sounds like she had a great birthday with family and friends!

  • Kristen from MA

    A belated Happy Birthday to Bean. (She’s gorgeous – all of your girls are!)
    An a big awwwww! for Mike, the big sweetie! I’d have loved to have a dad like him. 🙂

  • Ginny

    Sounds like Bean and Boo had a fabulous birthday. The roses are drop dead gorgeous, but then as a mom you would already know that seeing as they are for a drop dead gorgeous daughter!
    Happy 17th Bean and many more!!!

  • Cari

    It sounds like Sabrina had a wonderful birthday and her beau, I mean boo is a handsome, thoughtful, romantic, and talented guy – i.e. a keeper.
    In case your husband feels slighted by all of us oohing and aahing over Nate, his letter (love that idea) and his bravery at entering Sephora alone were quite impressive.

  • Linda Klinedinst

    I’m glad to read that Sabrina had a very wonderful Birthday with her family, her friends and her boyfriend.
    I am very proud of her father picking out make up stuff and giving it to her on her Birthday. My dad would’ve done the same thing for me too if he was still living and if it was my Birthday.
    Love your Photos too…
    Take care & Happy Stitching/Designing
    Linda K, Railroad

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