Crazy Kids

Number 17

I remember the first time Sophie tried to be on a soccer team. She was so excited. We signed her up, paid the fees, bought her a new soccer ball and uniform and cleats, and geared up for her first game. When the whistle blew to sound the start of the game and the girls all started scurrying around the ball, Sophie was there too. But she wasn't scurrying around the ball. She was sobbing.

We called her to the sidelines to find out what was wrong and to comfort her. We begged her to rejoin the game. We coddled and cajoled, but there was no sportsmanlike conduct to be had from Sophie. 

"What's wrong, Sweety?" we would ask. "Are you hurt? Did someone step on your toe? Are your shin guards too tight?" We even thought maybe the parents cheering and yelling had frightened her.

We found out later what it was. In Sophie's 6-year-old voice, she explained why she quit soccer and never wanted to return to the game: "I was ready to play the game, but when I saw Sabrina on the side of the field playing with some other kid, I got jealous and didn't want to play soccer ever again."

Sophie is now almost 10 and the scars of betrayal by her older sister playing with some other kid have healed. 

And I'm proud to say she has returned to the game.

Soccer tp 2 

Soccer tp 3 

Soccer tp 4 

Soccer tp 1 

Watch out, sideline kids. A ball might come your way when you least expect it.


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