The Fries Have It

Sophie and I had a fun day on Saturday, just running different errands and going to a local park to walk around (she rode her scooter). Since we were both hungry and Culver's was right next to the park, we decided to grab us some burgers and fries and then head home. 

I don't usually care much for fast food joints, but Sophie loves them. And one thing that always gets on her nerves is that I don't like eating inside these fast food places; I'd prefer to just grab our order in a drive-thru and go home. But on Saturday, Sophie convinced me that it would be best if we ate inside.

Since I knew it would surprise her when I agreed, I agreed. And it surprised her. And this put her in a really good mood. 

And that's when she decided to try her hand at making Culver's french fries commercials. I'm not sure what, exactly, was in those fries, but I do know that if Culver's ever went national with this campaign, they would own the french fry world. Maybe not bc of their french fries, but probably bc Focus on the Family would be calling for an end to the ads, and that would garner them much attention. 

Sophie doesn't watch much tv outside of Disney channel, but you'd never know it.

Culver's French Fries, take 1:

Culver's French Fries, take 2:

Culver's French Fries, take 3:

And finally, the cleaned-up version:

It's definitely going to be drive-thru from now on. This way neither one of us will be surprised.

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  1. now I want fries … now culvers around here but I do love a good crinkle fry and it looks like that – yummmmm … bookclub night and no fries to be had at the place we’re going … I’ll have to settle for a potato galette there instead… cute videos!

  2. Sophie definitely put a smile on my face this morning! Now I just may have to go get some fries! Sorry to say we do not have any Culver’s, but I am sure I can find some good fries at another place!

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