Spring comes a little later around here than in some other places, so although I don't have much blooming around my house yet, I'm quite happy with the fresh spots of green here and there.

The baby sedum…

Spring tp 6 

The bee balm and the geranium from Mom's garden that she gave to me last year (although my dad was actually the one to haul it all over)…

Spring tp 3 

Spring tp 4 

The lemon balm that Sophie and I love to touch, just so our hands can smell lemon-y…

Spring tp 5 

Our maple tree with its new spring leaves, which Sophie has learned to climb…

Spring tp 2 

And a beautiful new dress for Sabrina, who will be attending her prom this Saturday…

Spring tp 7


  • Cathryn

    Wow. You have such an eye with the camera. The green pictures are beautiful. Sabrina’s dress is GORGEOUS!!! Hope she has a wonderful time!

  • lilicouette

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh green is the colour of hope!!!! sabrina will certainly be the most beautiful girl of her prom. I feel really impatient to see her in her dress! gros bisous a vous! beautiful monkey you have 😉

  • Leslie

    Doesn’t make you feel good when everything starts to get green again! It has been very green here on the east coast for at least three weeks and I am loving it.
    Sabrina’s dress is beautiful. The green is one of my favorite colors.

  • joann tx

    can’t wait to see sabrina in her prom dress…prom? isn’t it early for the prom?
    green…about the only green i have around my house are the weeds. just last week i took pictures of the flowers…thats wildflowers in joann’s back yard! LOL!
    and the clover was winning over the buttercups! 🙂

  • Laurie in Iowa

    Love all the green… but Sabrina’s dress is the best. We are going to get to see a snap of her wearing the dress, right?

  • connie

    The dress is just wonderful. I’m sure she will look amazing. And I know you will have pictures to share. I just love spring and the green all around us.

  • Catherine

    Love the greens! And that dress is beautiful! Can’t wait to see a shot of Sabrina all done up!

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