Hello Again!

Some of you may remember back when I used to blog a lot. Breanna and Sabrina were teenagers, Sophie was a feisty rascal (and she knew it), and I had The Yorkie and Tasha, who used to dress up every Halloween and make the occasional blog appearance.

I miss those days. When the girls grew up, and then people started saying “blogs are out,” I let my blogging go, only checking in once in a great while.

I’d really like to get back to it. I’d like to get back to a lot of things I love, things I let go of because my life got busy with a whole lot of unexpected things… but isn’t that how life is supposed to go? Maybe it’s a blessing to want things to come full circle.

So here I am! Whether I’m the only reader or not, here I am, because I loved it once. And along with it, an under-contruction website that I’ve been trying (read: thinking about) to get accomplished for some time now. Hopefully as I learn new ways of how to build it, you’ll see it progress into something that is a fun place to visit. Whether it’s the latest news from Plum Street, sneak peeks of coming-soon designs, free patterns, or just whatever my family is up to, I hope to update my site often.

Speaking of free patterns, you can still find all of them I’ve ever published over in the Freebie link on the right sidebar. Just scroll down, click, and then scroll through. They are organized by blog post, which isn’t very user-friendly, but in time I do hope to get them all uploaded under the menu item “Free Patterns.”

I suppose it’s time to dust off the camera (I always preferred it to my phone) and get busy! Thank you for stopping in to see my new site.. and please bear with me: I am learning!

P.S: My old blog is still over at Typepad, but all of those posts have been imported to this blog.


  • Michelle

    I am so happy you are blogging again! I loved reading your blogs and I often go back to have a look at them as your photography was so good. Do you have a list of all your designs? I know some of your older designs are sometimes hard to find and I love to collect them!

    • Paulette Stewart

      Hi Michelle! What a sweet comment! Goodness, thank you! I am working on getting a gallery set up where all of my charts can be found. I honestly have never been very good at keeping that part of things organized, and have even gone as far as to throw some models away that I thought had lived their lives.. I wish I had them though, bc it sure would be nice to re-photograph them for the gallery. Ha! Thank you so much for your comment!

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