Shepherd’s Retreat

Oh my goodness, if you only knew how inspired I am after attending Tina and Teri's retreat this past week! What a fabulous show those ladies put on.. and the warm reception and kindness from all the attendees was completely overwhelming to me. For those of you who attended and are reading, thank you, thank you, thank you!

I also had the honor of meeting some of the most wonderful ladies in the industry… Besides the famously-lovely Tina and Teri (impossible to be around them and not be happy), I also got to meet Linda of Chessie and Me (loved taking pictures of her models!), Charland and her daughter Sydney of Charland Designs (the most clever and witty duo on the planet – I still can't stop laughing), Cece from Threadgatherer (not only does she paint threads, but she has an amazing line of lotions and lip balms), Ann and Pat of R&R Reproductions (my  soul sisters), and Jeanette Douglas of Jeanette Douglas Designs (I do believe we were seperated at birth).

I don't have my photos from the retreat loaded onto my computer just yet, but I can show you the projects I presented. My classes were so much fun, and not one single person threw a tomato (although I may have seen a few people reach into their handbags suspiciously).

This was my retreat sampler…  

AYT tp-30

A Yuletide Welcome TP

And this was the project I presented with it, called A Lady's Pin Roll

ALPR front rolled tp

As you can tell from the scale of the spools, it was a tiny project, meant to hold various sizes of needles and pins, to be thrown into your project bag or purse (in case you're out somewhere and you drop your needle and can't find it – which I have done on more than one occasion).

ALPR front unrolled tp

Or in case you need an emergency safety pin!

ALPR inside unrolled tp

It was a really fun project to make, and I hope the attendees enjoyed it as well.

Again, I can't thank you all enough for the kind words I received regarding not only my designs, but also my family and for the loss of our Friday. I felt completely surrounded by friends, despite not having previously met many of you. What a joy the entire retreat was… and rather than wishing I was home with my family, I wished instead that they were in Utah with me! Maybe another time. 🙂

AYT tp-28

I'll be back soon with pictures from the retreat! Until then, I've got lots of ideas to get down on paper, and lots of laundry to do.

ETA: A Lady's Pin Roll doesn't have a general release date planned, but A Yuletide Welcome will most likely become available in the summer of 2013.